Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let’s Bowl Birthday Party

Today was a big day in the Tirch household.  Today was Jack’s birthday party.  He wanted an elephant party (where did that come from?) or a bowling party.  I chose the bowling and I won’t lie, it was only because I felt like I could make a bowling cake.  I just saw an elephant cake turning out obscene (use your imagination).  So bowling it was! 

We arrived at the alley and and everyone got their shoes and chose their bowling balls.

bowling shoesballs

At this point Jack was pretty transfixed on all the gifts piling up on the table.  I did, however, manage to distract him long enough to get him to bowl a few frames.

jtt bowl jtt gets ball

kids and ic

After just 3 frames Jack was done with bowling and spent the rest of his time doing this (iPhone). 


All the other kids had a blast bowling (and so did the adults). 


ea eet ic jkh chicken wingjkh mhea ic eet bloweric eet ea

all kids

FINALLY it was time to move to the party room and eat and open presents.  THIS is the part Jack had been waiting so patiently for.  His time had come and he enjoyed every second of it. 

presents2presents3presents4 presentspresents5presents6presents9presents8

I joked that the party was lame and honestly in comparison to some of my other parties it was not as good.  The important thing is Jack was surrounded by some great families and I’m so thankful to them all for coming and sharing in his special day.  It doesn’t matter that we just spent a couple of hours at a bowling alley, it was about coming together for one little dude and I know he felt pretty special! 


ja jkh sdtjtt aa japarty

sdt gpt

We finished off the party with the cake.  This was my second attempt at filling my sister’s shoes in the cake making department and Jack seemed to think I passed with flying colors.  In my eyes the cake was nowhere near perfect, but in his eyes it was just right. 

Jacks bowling cake 015


Jack was very shy and hesitant when everyone was singing and asked for help from Daddy to blow out his candles. 


I have no idea what he wished for, but I have a feeling, at least for today, all his wishes came true! 

Jacks Birthday Party 004


Unknown said...

It was a great party and ended too soon! Happy birthday, sweet Jack!

Ronald Obringer said...

fun! i like the cake! ps...ella is quite the ham for the camera these days.

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