Monday, September 12, 2011

Mountain Bike Shenanigans

I came up with the bright idea during a run one day that we should try to take our cross training outdoors now that the weather is not quite as hot.  I asked Bianca if she had a bike she could ride on the trail.  She let me know she did in fact have a bike, but she hadn’t ridden it in over a year (which later she said was actually eight years).  Regardless, I convinced her to hit the trail on our bikes.  Julie also agreed to come along.  What had we gotten ourselves into?

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I couldn’t possibly ride my road bike on the trail so I had to use my mountain bike.  I also wanted to include Jack because, despite how it might seem, I do NOT enjoy putting my kids in the childcare at the Y.  Anytime I can involve my kids in exercise, that would be my preference. 

sdt jtt3

So there I am with my 4,000 pound mountain bike and 50 extra pounds of kid and trailer to haul around.  Obviously this wasn’t going to be a killer workout, but something to get the heart rate up and keep our legs moving as we recover from our long run on Sunday.  Even so, I never expected my average pace to be 8.6 mph.  People run faster than that. 

bike ride

Perhaps it was all our shenanigans during the ride, including perfecting the heel kick while riding.  This came a little easier to some of us than others.  I’ll let you be the judge… let’s just say there are some “outtakes” not seen here. 

bc kicksjkh kickssdt kicks

I can tell you one thing for sure, the three of us laughed until we literally cried and my cheeks hurt.  Once we were able to compose ourselves and move on, the fun times continued as Julie and Bianca road their bikes through the splash pad.  I would have given it a go too, but Jack had no interest. 

bc jkh

This whole ride was less 30 something moms getting a workout and more a bunch of girls remembering you’re only as young as you feel/act.  I seriously had so much fun on this ride and felt like a kid again.  I was sad to see it end. 

We ended up going just about 13 miles (I stopped my garmin and forgot to restart it) and I definitely had tired legs at the end.  As a matter of a fact, about a mile before the end of the trail Bianca asked me if I wanted her to pull Jack and I hopped off my bike and gladly obliged.  Thanks Bianca for helping me out.  Because of that and ONLY that your “outtakes” are safe with me. 


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