Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Family Life

You might have heard of the world famous Susan Tirch I’m a Runner Series.  If not, you’ve clearly been living under a rock and you need to check it out here.  But, as the my blog name implies, I am more than just a swimmer, biker, runner, I’m also (and most importantly) a mom. 

I was inspired by the I’m a Runner articles featured in the back of Runner’s World magazine to start my own series.  Now I find myself moved by FamilyCircle’s series My Family Life.  Similar to Runner’s World’s concept FamilyCircle interviews a “celeb” about their family life. 

Because I am so interesting I will be answering these questions myself and mark the beginning of the Susan Tirch, My Family Life series.  It’s going to be epic so get excited, hop on board and, whatever you do don’t delete me from your blog reader.

flowers sdt and kids

Does parenting make you lose your sense of humor?  Most definitely not.  If I lose my sense of humor I’ll probably also lose my sanity.  Sometimes my kids are acting so “bad” that all I can do to cope is laugh.  And seriously, who wouldn’t laugh when your child turns his apple into a phone and is making a call at the dinner table. 

What kinds of stunts did you pull as a kid?  Stunts?  You mean I was supposed to do something bad?   I honestly don’t recall being a mischievous child and think, for the most part, I was a good kid.  I do remember one time however, I was about 11 years old and my friend and I snuck a cigarette from her babysitter.  We went into the woods and I took a drag and immediately barfed.  Being bad was NOT for me. 

How do you cope on days where you feel like the worst mom in the world?  I just think of all the other moms out there who are worse than I!  Haha No seriously, being a mom you will ALWAYS have guilt, of this I am sure.  I feel badly if I yelled too much one day, if I didn’t read the second bedtime book because I was  tired, or if I just turned on the TV because it was easier.  The thing is, I realize there are moments when I shine and my good moments outweigh the bad.  The other trick I use when I’m feeling down on myself is asking my kids if they love me.  Seems lame, but their reassurance lets me know I can’t be ALL bad. 

What about your relationship with your mom makes motherhood more special to you?  I’ve kind of talked about it before, but I’m really big on traditions and carrying things on.  So, a lot of the things my mom did for me I like to do for my kids.  For some reason it just feels right.  After all, we all become our mothers, right?   Why fight it?  As long as I don’t turn into a zucchini mock crab cake creating, pine cone wreath making, flea marketing extraordinaire (like my mother was during my childhood) I’ll be ok. 


G. said...

OMG xoxoxo G.

Cooper Irons said...

My household is holding onto a hope and a prayer
that I will not become my mother...yikes!

Tyly @ One Mile at a Time said...

Most random question ever: why does your blog say it's written by "Winkley Healthy Families"? I've always wondered that! :)

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