Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Step Closer

Tuesday is speed work day in the Tirch marathon training world.  Oh how I loathe speed work, but I know it is necessary and good.  It’s just so hard to motivate myself to push beyond my normal/comfortable limits. 


We arrived at the track shortly after 9:00 am (I had to get Jack off to school first) and it was incredibly hot and windy.  The temperature was near 90 degrees and, as per usual, there was not a cloud in the sky. 

speed work temp

Bianca and I knew it was going to be a tough workout due to the conditions, but we lined up and set out to do 7 X 800 Yassos. 

speed work feet

Combatted with the heat and my tired legs (they’re always tired these days) I suspected I wouldn’t be able to do super fast Yassos.  I’m supposed to do 4:30 800s, but I’ve had success in the past doing them slightly faster.  Today, I decided I’d be more than happy with 4:30s and my only goal was to do not one second more than 4:30. 

Here are my splits:


Each of the seven red arrows indicate a “speed” lap.  (Between laps 13 and 14 I hit stop time accidently and had to restart and it messed up my perfect little chart.)

So as you can see, I just barely made my goal of 4:30 narrowly squeaking out the last 800 repeat at 4:30 flat. To me, I felt like I was running as fast and as hard as I could so I’m happy with today’s results. 

speed work sdt

As usual, Bianca made it look easy (to me) and was a WHOLE lap ahead of me finishing.  She looks like such a natural.  Maybe if I keep running with her she’ll just rub off on me.  Hey Bianca, I’ll take some of your skinny legs too!  Open-mouthed smile 

speed work bc

So there you have it.  Another day, another work out, another step (literally) closer to the MARATHON.


G. said...

Wow xoxox G.

robringer said...

christine and i are now tossing around the idea of running the pittsburgh half again....you going to come up for it? I want to try to run for a faster time this year if i do it...

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