Sunday, September 11, 2011

Step Back 13—Reflection

This week was a step-back week for marathon training which meant my long run was just 13 short miles.  Winking smile  Seriously, I understand 13 miles is a long way, but when you’re training for a marathon and get up into larger distances 13 miles is welcomed. 

Here’s the breakdown: 

Mile 1 6:20 am:  11:41

It was dark, as in pitch dark, we had no head lamp because we had no Julie.  It’s hard to run fast in the dark unless you’re being chased by a wild coyote (are there tame ones?  IDK) or a boogie man.  I mention to Bianca that I am cold (it’s 71 degrees).   My ankles are tight and killing me.  Whose idea was this marathon?  

Mile 2 6:31 am:  10:41

The sun is coming up and I can finally see.  I’m no longer cold, but my ankles are still killing me and I can’t wait for them to “warm” up. 

13 mile sb sunrise

Mile 3 6:42 am:  10:59

I don’t recollect this part of the run to be honest.  I must have been telling an important story either that or I fell asleep and Bianca dragged me.  She still pulled me along at a 10:59 mile.  Not bad Bianca. 

Mile 4 6:53 am:  10:26

I also don’t recollect this part of the run, but I know Bianca wasn’t dragging me anymore because even she couldn’t keep it up for that long and we picked up the pace a little. 

Mile 5 7:03 am:  10:31

I was gossiping about an acquaintance of mine probably to make myself feel better about my own issues.  Isn’t that why we women gossip and talk about other women?  I mean, was Sally Joe’s skirt REALLY too short or were you just jealous of her long legs?  That’s what I thought!  Feel free to discuss.

Mile 6 7:14 am: 10:37

We’re almost to the turn around point and I realized I hadn’t used any fuel.  Figure I’ll stop when we turn around and take a Gu and a picture.  The Gu was good.  The picture… well, you be the judge.

13 mile sb bc sdt

Mile 7 7:24 am:  10:35

It always feels good to be on the “back” of an out and back run.  Something about turning around gives me a spring in my step.  I’m thinking stopping at the potty seems imminent

Sidebar:  Just learned the difference between eminent and imminent because I can’t spell.  Decided I should really know such things since imminent means “about to happen” and immediate, with the same prefix, means “happening now”.  How did I ever obtain a doctorate degree?  Feel free to discuss.

Mile 8 7:25 am:  10:33

Pit stopped at the bathroom.  All systems are go.  Back to it!

Mile 9 7:36 am:  10:39

Again it is hard to recall this part of the run.  I’m beginning to think someone ruffed me.  I hope I wasn’t taken advantage of. 

Mile 10 7:47 am:  10:17

Clearly Bianca is bored with this run and she’s starting to run faster.  She does this without realizing and I quietly agonize over each step (ok that’s just me being dramatic).  I actually love having negative splits for a run and Bianca makes sure I get them. 

Mile 11 7:57 am:  10:11

We realize someone has lined the trail with tiny American flags in remembrance of September 11th.   A guy going by in an Army t-shirt is carrying his tiny flag and it sparks a conversation about 9/11 and the Olympics.  I LOVE the Olympics.  

Mile 12 8:07 am:  10:00

Bianca is REALLY getting bored and speeding up.  I am distracted by the tiny flags and the thoughts of a photo opportunity. 

Disclaimer:  I adjusted my shorts before this picture, but I did not give Bianca the same luxury.  She still looks better than I!  Humph! 

13 mile sb sdt 13 mile sb bc2

Mile 13 8:17 am 10:07

I spent the last mile of my run reflecting on the events of 9/11 and how it has affected so many lives.  I say a silent prayer for those who lost loved ones, those who have served and those who continue to serve.  I, for one, will NEVER FORGET. 

Where were you when you found out about the events of 9/11?

I was at Walmart Pharmacy working a 10 hour shift from 9 am to 7 pm and could only listen to information on the radio.  I remember going home and watching the footage of the towers and being horrified. 


Juliette Harmon said...

Great blog, as usual!

Susan Diersing Tirch said...

Even though I made fun of yours, I think I need one!

Ronald Obringer said...

get a headlamp...just make sure if you ever use it for biking you get one for the front of your bike too...if you turn your head a lose straight ahead

nice blog!

I started a new one if you want to check it out...i think it fits my mission more...

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