Sunday, September 25, 2011

They All Ran Happily Ever After

Have you heard the story where I woke up EARLY on a Sunday morning and headed out to tackle my long run before the heat?  You haven’t?  Well you can read about it here, here, here and here (to name a few).

What?  Where you dying to hear about how it went today?  Ok ok fine, I’ll give you the abridged version.

Once Upon a Time, there was a girl training for a marathon in the heat of Texas summer.  She set out on a Sunday morning for her weekly long run and it went like this: 

Miles One to Three:  Dark (can’t see) hope I don’t trip AGAIN.

Miles Three to Six:  Ho Hum still on the way out looking forward to the back

Miles Six to Nine:  Took a Gu and refilled my water  bottles

Miles Nine to 12:  Sun came out.  Wanted to kill myself or stab out my eyeballs in lieu of running

Miles 12 to 15: Focused on the task at hand, getting it D.O.N.E. done! 

Here are the splits:

15 miles

Are you missing pictures of me and my friends in our running gear?  Well I didn’t take any pictures today because A) I’m a bad blogger and B) nothing exciting happened.  Here is a montage anyway, because I aim to please. 

9 miles sdt jkh13 mile sb bc sdt13 mile sb bc216 miles bc sdt9 miles sdt18 miles end of trail9 miles turn around18 miles self18 miles shadows17 miles shadowsshadows

And they all ran happily ever after. 

The End


Jessica said...

For one I think your a great blogger even if you don't take pictures of every single run. I also feel like some of my runs are exactly like the others. Probably because I have taken to running the same route and basically going in big circles because it's close to bathrooms and water stations (my sisters house!) I ran my last long run of 8 miles yesterday and I have my 3rd marathon this weekend! Thank goodness because I am DONE with long runs for awhile.

Good luck running in that Texas heat. Makes the heat of Southern Utah feel artic!

XLMIC said...

Way to get it done! It's in the books :)

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