Sunday, October 16, 2011

Austin Livestrong Challenge 2011

Today was the Austin Livestrong Challenge, which is George's "big" event of the fall.  He's been training all summer to ride the 65 miles (there are also 20, 45 and 90 mile options).   He chose to do the 65 miles because he wanted to challenge himself to go fast-- for him.

For once the alarm was going off at 5:45 am and I wasn't the one that had to get up.  Glorious I tell you!  Although, I will admit, a little part of me was sad I wasn't doing this ride.  I really miss riding my bike and want to do this ride FOR SURE next year (I said that last year though).

The kids and I left the house around 10:00 am to cheer George on at the finish line.  We decked ourselves out in our Livestrong gear and planted ourselves at the finish.

I estimate that it was about a gazillion degrees and we were in the full on sun the WHOLE time.  There wasn't any shade anywhere where the kids could see and cheer for daddy.  George got a slower start than he anticipated because of a lot of congestion at the beginning of the ride so we waited longer than we thought we'd have to.  I had prepared the kids the whole time to scream really loudly, to slap high fives and jump up an down when George came around the corner.  They spent 20 minutes standing, peering down the road and waiting for Daddy's big finish.

Soon enough George rounded the final corner and started coming down the finishing shoot, but they all just stood there looking at George.  I was busy doing all the screaming and yelling and I'm not sure they even clapped.  Oh well at least we were there.

I know how it feels to cross a finish line and have nobody there (rarely does it happen) and it's not any fun. So even though the kid's reaction was anticlimactic, I still hope he was glad we were there after riding 65 miles ALONE.  I'm pretty sure he appreciated the hugs and kisses at the end.  How could he not?

I know George had a great time on this ride and pretty much met his goals (minus the slow start).  He admitted that it was a little lonely without me.  If I weren't training for this marathon I definitely would have done the ride with him, but you know me... I would have fallen and broken several bones or something!  I was safer on the sidelines this year being the support crew with the fam.

Congratulations George.  You're an awesome example of what it takes to LiveSTRONG.  We love you!


Kortni said...

Congrats to your hubby!!

robringer said...

way to go george!! new bike looks awesome.

D. said...

George Rocks!!!

Tri4Success said...

I did this ride in 2009 and 2010 and it's a great event. Speed records are impossible with the congestion for the first 5 miles. You didn't mention it but the 65mi route George did includes the largest hill (the 90mi route actually bypasses it!) so kudos to him. Congrats.

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