Monday, October 17, 2011

Bend it Like Jack

I've been so busy documenting all my running escapades,  I never got the chance to talk about Jack and his awesome soccer playing abilities.  I'm not sure that anyone out there really cares about YMCA soccer, but I wanted to get down this memory for ME (thanks for coming along).

Remember what happened during his first game?  He stood on the field and literally cried, nor would he move.

Well, at his second game I successfully instilled the fear of God in him because the tears stopped, but he still stood on the field with his hands clasped and refused to move.

Threatening wasn't working so I looked into my bag of tricks and moved on to bribery.  I told Jack if he ran on the field I'd buy him a Lego and if he actually scored a goal I'd buy him a BIG Lego.  By the third game, Jack was out there motoring on the field like no other kid.  He watches the ball intently and gets a determined look on his face and then takes off after the ball at full speed.

It's quite funny actually because he looks so intent and ready to start kicking ass and taking names, but once he arrives at the ball he stops.  It's like he is dead in his tracks and doesn't know what to do.  

Well if you know anything about youth soccer then you know it doesn't take long for someone (or everyone) else to come in and kick the ball and then off he goes again.

I think one time during the past two games the ball accidentally hit his foot and he had to kick it.

I have seen a steady improvement with each game.  In fact, I've seen a transformation.  I saw a kid go from sobbing on the soccer field to a kid that is having SO MUCH FUN!  That's what it's all about.  It doesn't matter to me if he ever kicks the ball.  To me, he's found his path to victory!

And he came out happy!


Maria said...

Awwww....He's such a good listener! And Legos make great bribery material. (Not that I'd know first hand or anything.)


G. said...

Awesome - glad he's enjoying it now! xoxoxo G.

robringer said...

good motivational tool! hahah...gonna store that one for Noah. I love lego's they instill creativity! hopefully he gets a goal soon..because a big lego would be the coolest.

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