Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bike Envy

Six years ago George started cycling.  At the time I knew nothing about the sport.  In fact, I probably didn’t even realize cycling was a sport.  Lance Armstrong was someone who landed on the moon right?  Ok that last part wasn’t serious, but you get my drift.  Anyway, George bought an entry level bike at the time.  I still thought it was ridiculously priced at near $1000, but in the world of cycling that is small potatoes. 

tour de cure century 2010 002

He started cycling on his own, but eventually rode with a friend our family who had been a cyclist for years.  Their male egos caused them to push one another to get better and better.  Soon enough George signed up to ride 100 miles.  I honestly thought he was crazy and couldn’t even fathom doing a ride like that, but he did it.  Over the course of training he did a couple of other much shorter rides with my nephew (then just 14 years old) and eventually even my dad was involved. 

I think I got a little jealous when I realized all the fun being had by those around me, so I set out to get a bike of my own.  I walked into the Trek store without any knowledge about bikes—we were just looking.  Then I saw her and I had to have her.  Say hello to Pink. 


She was pink, she was cute, she was PERFECT.  Leave it to me to pick a REALLY NICE bike.  I had no idea I had picked a pretty expensive bike, all I cared is that it was pink. Open-mouthed smile  I realize it’s lame, but it’s true.  Shortly after I bought my bike (it had a total of 12 miles on it) I found out I was pregnant.  My VERY expensive pink bike sat in the garage as my belly grew.  George teased me that I had a bike more than twice as expensive as his and it had 12 miles on it while he rode his bike all the time and it was nowhere near as nice as mine. 

Eventually I had the baby (Jack) and I did use my bike.  I also learned to understand why my bike was so expensive and how lucky I was to have such a nice bike.  She’s not just pretty, she’s an AWESOME bike.  Since the bike wasn’t sitting in the garage any more, I don’t think George felt bad spending all that money on my bike, but he was jealous that I had a better bike than he. 

sdt bike

Now that we’ve moved to Austin George is riding 75 to 80 miles a week (he’d ride more if time allowed for it).  It is clear that he has outgrown his “entry level” bike, yet (in true George fashion) he was reluctant to part with his cash. 

His dream is to own a Trek Madone and I picked out just the one he should have. 


It’s flashy (clearly mandatory criteria), it says, “I’m a real cyclist” and most of all, it is worthy of sleeping next to mine in the garage.  In fact, ole Pink may not be worthy to snuggle up next to the Madone. 

George lamented over getting the bike as I encouraged him to just get it.  He deserved it after all those years of riding his old bike and frankly he’s too good now to ride the entry level bike. 

After many weeks debating Red has arrived. 

gpt madone

Now who has bike envy? 


Unknown said...

Yea George! Nice bike!!

amanda @Diary of a Mad Fat Woman said...

So pretty! As someone who is riding a used walmart bike from craigs list, I have MAJOR bike envy! When ever you decide to upgrade, keep me in mind... I think I could give pink a loving home!

robringer said...

a well deserved treasure! i'm horribly jealous...i guess now that i am getting more into the sport I have to earn my stripes before I can cash in on one of those rides.

Feener44 said...

well i have bike envy now for sure

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