Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Day in the Life-- Sweetberry Farm

Whew what a day, what a day.  My morning started at 5:30 am when the alarm went off for my 20 mile run.  (I'll tell you more about that in another post.)

After my 20 miler I headed home and showered quickly so we could all head out to Sweetberry Farm  to pick out our pumpkins.  I've been very excited about the pumpkin patch trip all week as it is one of my favorite things to do all year.

Sweetberry Farm is about the only pumpkin patch in the Austin area-- the only one I can find anyway.  When we arrived at the farm it was definitely crowded, but I imagine they are always crowded this time of year.

Not only were we fighting the crowds, we were combatting the heat.  It was just 85 degrees but it felt like 105 in the direct sunlight.  I had swear pouring off my body, more so than on my run this morning.  It was disgusting, but we were trying to make the most of the day regardless of the weather.

First up, we fed the goats. I think these poor animals are overfed.  They were mostly uninterested, but would meander over for a few nibbles.  Jack said he didn't like the goat's "licks" but he went back for more.  More or less, the kids weren't overly impressed feeding the goats, but they obliged since I had already paid for the pellets.

Next up was the corn maze.  I knew the kids would love this part of the day.  There was a hidden bell in the maze that you were supposed to locate and ring and then find your way back out.  Everyone had fun leading at different times and it wasn't long until we heard (and then found) the bell.

And PaPa Dan taught Jack to ring it REALLY LOUD and REALLY OBNOXIOUS!

As soon as Nicholas rang the bell, he couldn't wait to head out of the maze ON HIS OWN.  He was proudly waiting at the end with a big smile on his face because he had beat us all to the end.

We couldn't go to the pumpkin patch without going on the hayride.  The kids were very excited for this part of the day.   So we headed through the underground tunnel and over to the hayride.

The hayride was by far the favorite part of the day by the kids.  They love riding and looking at all the pumpkin displays put out by the farm.  I guess there's just something about a tractor and hay bails when it comes to kids.

It's really fun to see their interest and smiles on their faces.  

We sweated it out in the flower fields for a few failed pictures.  It makes me sad that they didn't turn out, but in all honesty it was too damn hot to expect the kids to cooperate.

We finally headed back to the pumpkin area to pick our pumpkins.  I hadn't really paid attention as we were walking around, but all the pumpkins looked terrible.  They were either misshapen, green, starting to rot or just plain ugly.  I wanted to give the kids the opportunity to pick their pumpkin, but they even agreed the pumpkins weren't any good.

So, we did what any good American family would do.  We said our goodbyes to Sweetberry Farm and bought our pumpkins at Walmart!

It didn't matter to anyone where the pumpkins came from-- all that mattered to us was the time we spent together and the fun we had creating memories.

Thanks for the memories Sweetberry Farm... and Walmart!


G. said...

Fun times - only kids like hayrides?? I LOVE them!! xoxox G.

JulietteHarmon said...

SOO cute!

robringer said...

great post. I can't wait till Noah is old enough to enjoy this!!

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