Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We play a game every night at dinner called "High/Low".  It's a game where each person gets to tell their high point and their low point of the day.  We used to just to do the high, but then the lady who did my nails last time told me about high/low and I thought adding the low was a great idea.   The whole game is a great concept and really gets your kids to open up about things they wouldn't otherwise talk about.

The high for EVERYONE's day today was.... PaPa Dan came to town.

PaPa is a fun guy, who does nothing but have fun with the kiddos.  They love him and love when he spends time with us.

There was plenty of rough house,



and spontaneous hair styling.

Follow along the rest of the week as I expect there will be many more highs to come!


robringer said...

high five?

Unknown said...

I love him just from the pictures!!

tracey smith said...

We do the same thing at dinner! Have fun with your dad!

Maria said...


G. said...

Times to cherish!!! xoxo G.

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