Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm a Big Fan

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for running.  The weather was perfectly cool but still sunny.  This is exactly the the type of weather I'd LOVE to have on marathon day.  To further add to the awesomeness of my run I went with the beautiful ladies, Bianca and Karla and also with my dad.  

While the weather was cooperating today, my body was not.  Why is it ALWAYS something?  My calves are KILLING me from the hill repeats I did on Tuesday.  My calves always hurt from hill repeats so I expected it, but it didn't make it any better just because I knew it was coming.  So no, running on achy calves is not fun.

Neither Bianca or Karla have ever complained about my pace, but I knew today's pace was slower than we all would have liked.  I try to push all that to the back of my mind and just hope they know I'm always pushing to run the hardest I can THAT day.  Despite being slower than I would have liked, I was really having fun and was happy on this run!  

Here's the breakdown:

All and all I was really happy with my run because I felt so great AFTERWARDS.   I wish every day could be like today.

That, however, was NOT the high of my day.  Oh no!  The high of my day was when I was having lunch with my dad and I was unexpected approached by a couple of readers.  (HI AMANDA and JENNIFER).   Amanda told me, "I'm a big fan of Mom Swim Bike Run" and that she and her friend are training for Houston (in January) and that I help keep them inspired along the way.  I felt like such a dork when she approached me because I was really taken off guard (this has never really happened to me before except at a race, but then I wasn't AS surprised).  Regardless, I felt like I acted a fool and didn't fully express my appreciation for awesome readers.  I was so flattered that you took the time to introduce yourself ladies.  Best of luck in Houston and keep reading!

XOXO to ALL my readers out there, you all mean so much to me!


G. said...

Wow - that was really nice of them - you are famous!! xoxo G.

robringer said...

HEY! i know that girl! Its momswimbikerunsusan!

Jenn (aka Selfish Mommy) said...

The Jennifer that introduced herself at the Dukes & Daisies race was also the Jennifer at lunch with Amanda. I should know, I am that Jennifer. Small world! Enjoy reading the blog!

Amanda Gray Mills said...

I DO enjoy your blog Susan, keep up the posting! I'm thinking of you as you taper the next 2 weeks.

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