Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm a Runner VI

It's that time of the month.  Time for I'm a Runner.   Have you missed the other posts in this series?  Find them all below: 

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I didn't know what to expect from my first marathon.  I was terrified of running alone for FIVE hours.  I don't even like to be left home alone for five hours, let alone run for five hours.  Think what you can do in five hours and realize that's how long it takes me to run a marathon.  

With the marathon you have to approach it like... well like a marathon.  I saw so many people during the marathon going out so fast.  One of my proudest accomplishments during the marathon was my ability to pace myself.  I set out to run a certain pace and I did that mile one through mile 26.  It felt slow in the beginning, but it felt super fast at the end.  My plan worked too.  I passed over 900 runners from the halfway point on.  900!!!! 

The medal from marathon is in the bottom drawer in my bathroom with all my other medals and race bibs.  One day I think I'll just wear them around and see if it sparks any conversation.  Mostly people would probably just think I'm weird because I don't think most people know such things exist.  It's a running thing!  

I've been getting in three runs a week during marathon training.  One run is dedicated to speed or hills, one run is "marathon" pace, and one long run.  This has been my favorite training program I've used thus far.  It is Hal Higdon's Marathon 3 program.  It's allowed me to get in the running I need without burning out.  

Unless I use body glide or wear tights I tend to chafe in the inner chubby thigh area.  How people run long distances in shorts I'll never know.  I guess you people don't have touching thighs.  I don't get that concept.  

I have the Garmin 310XT and I LOVE it.  Although I can generally tell about where my pace lies, it's nice when I get home to plug it all into the computer and see all my splits.  I like seeing the numbers and knowing I was consistent or if I was all over the place.  Like I said, I feel consistency is the key to a good marathon and I don't like my miles to vary too much.  

When I've been running on the trail near my house I've seen snakes, deer, squirrels, bunnies, and birds.  I often wonder what else is lurking in those woods and if someone has been eyeing me up for lunch.  

I only wear my running shoes for running.  I keep my "old" pair of running shoes and use them for cross training and such.  I'm on my 6th pair of running shoes since this whole thing began (2 years ago) and I haven't parted with one pair yet.  Odd? 

I never run with George.  Ok I take that back.  He's done a couple of 5Ks with me before and he's always beaten me.  Rude!  I'd like it if he ran too and we could do some races together, but we could never train together because he prefers not to speak while working out.  Who does that?  NOT me!

There have been MANY and I mean many days that I wake up and say I don't want to work out today, but 99% of the time I just tell myself that is not an option.  I'll take a rest day if I need it or if I have an obligation to uphold, but I don't generally skip workouts just because I didn't feel like doing anything that day.  If that were the case, I'd be curled up on the couch watching Ellen most mornings.  


robringer said...

i keep all my running shoes and every new pair pushes the old pair further down the abuse totem pole until they fall apart from cutting grass, wading through rivers, and playing in the mud.

DiaryofaMadFatWoman said...

i usually dont talk while working out... mostly because im so out of breath i feel like a loser because i can't finish a sentence!

G. said...

You are very focused on what you do in all phases of your life! Nice job! xoxox G.

Shortney Tobin said...

i love reading your blog. I'm new to blogging and have only been running for little over 2 yrs myself. signed up for my 1st 1/2 on Nov. 27th and am pretty psyched about it. think i may hafta ask Santa for that Garmin you have:)) and yes, what is UP w/ those chick who have air between their thighs?? def can't see the light of day thru mine!! HHAA! i need to get some body glide fo show!

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