Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mac for Dummies

Did you know I got a new computer?  I did, I did.  A Macbook Pro to be exact.  I'm surprised you didn't hear because I think I shouted it from the rooftops I was so excited.  The only thing is, now I know what it is to be an 80 (?) year old person trying to use a computer for the first time.  Everything I knew how to do on my Dell is now null and void.

I need Macbook Pro for dummies.  I'm used to using Windows Live writer to blog.  Can't use that.  I also use Microsoft paint and I can't use that.  All my pictures from my old computer are being transferred to my new computer leaving both of them unable to be used.  So I'm blogging from the desktop (also a new Mac) and I don't know how to do anything.

So, if you're reading this from a Mac or you're a Mac user I beg and plead with you to tell me everything will be ok.  I will learn how to transition from my "PC" world to the Mac world.  Because right now I'm frustrated little old lady just trying to make her way in this high tech world, but I'm thinking we might have to all become pen pals.

Mac users PLEASE I beg of you, leave your best tips in the comments sections.  Anything helps.  The future of MomSwimBikeRun thanks you!


Loni said...

Once you go Mac, you never go back! LOVE my Mac!

G. said...

Finally - we are on the same playing field! hahahaha xoxo G.

Jeff said...

Once you use a Mac, you'll never go back.

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