Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rainy Running Buddies

My alarm went off at 5:21am (so I could snooze for 9 minutes) to get up for my long run this morning.  We had 22 miles on the plan, but no sooner than I was awake, I realized the run wasn't happening.  It was a torrential downpour, with lightening and heavy winds.  It definitely wasn't the type of weather that you could overlook and still head out in to tackle a run.  Trust me, I have no problem running in the rain.  In fact, during my last marathon training program it rained the WHOLE TIME on my 18 mile run.  

Last January Running in the Rain

So Bianca and I decided it was best to go back to bed.  I snuggled in bed with the WHOLE family who had managed to all crawl into my bed because of the storm and tried to fall back to sleep.  Even though I knew it wasn't safe to run, I still felt guilty missing a very important long run.  I had trouble getting my brain to accept the fact that it was out of my control and fall back to sleep.  At some point I did fall asleep and was awoken by the sound of my phone.  By 9:00 am the rain had tapered to a drizzle and Bianca wanted to tackle our run.  

At that point it was really too late to run the full 22 miles as I had already invited Julie and Mike to the house to watch the Steeler game at noon.  Even still I wanted to go out and do SOMETHING.  We settled on 8 miles today and we're going to take down our 22 miles on Tuesday.  

Bianca had invited a friend of hers named Karla to run with us today.  Karla is FAST and I was intimidated to run with her and Bianca.  Both Bianca and Karla are so sweet and said they were fine to run MY pace.  I told them I'd feel comfortable running a 10:00 to 10:20 pace.  Here are our splits.  

Bianca asked me how I was doing right around the 3 mile mark and I shot her a look.  Honestly, I was only kidding.  Even though we were running a tad faster than I had anticipated it still felt alright.  We slowed down a bit for the next 3 miles and then picked it up again for a strong finish.

It was fun running with someone new and the three of us had great conversation.  Karla told me a lot of great stories including the time she decided to go out and run a marathon one day.  Yes, you read that correctly.  One day, having never run more than 8 miles prior, Karla ran a marathon.  She did it in BRAND NEW shoes and finished in 3:47.  She definitely doesn't think it was the smartest thing to do NOW and wouldn't try that again.  I for one think what she did, albeit dangerous, was a demonstration of sheer will and determination.  Who wouldn't want that in a running buddy?


Liz Finch said...

Hey girl! GREAT times you have posted!!! It's amazing how much faster we can run when we run with friends, right?!?!? keep up the blogging, I enjoy reading your stuff!!! :)

G. said...

Huh? Rain? nice run no matter........xoxo G.

Krlis_23 said...

thank you Susan for sharing this!!!

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