Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Story of Susan and the Three Shoe Sizes

Once upon a time there was a girl named Susan.  At 37 years old she was well aware of her shoe size.  Her size hasn’t changed since 8th grade—a solid seven and a half no matter what. 

Then one day Susan became a runner and Susan learned runners don’t wear their normal shoe size.  Oh no, runners wear a half size up to help accommodate swelling feet.  So Susan bought her first pair of running shoes in a size eight. 

During her first marathon Susan wore those size eights and her feet took some major abuse.  A total of three toenails were lost, blood blisters were had, leaving her feet unsightly and worn.  Someone’s running in the wrong shoes.


Convinced that it was the TYPE of shoe, Susan chose another pair of shoes also in a size eight. 


Things for Susan were going on so well until she started training for her second marathon and her mileage started to increase into double digit runs.  Soon her feet started taking more and more abuse.   Someone’s been running in the wrong shoes.

16 miles blister

Susan said, “These shoes are too small.”  So back to the store she went and the professionals suggested a LARGER shoe.  Finally, she thought, there will be no more blisters and Susan began blissfully running in her size 8.5 shoes.

speed work sdt

Soon, longer mileage came and more blisters were formed, toenails were bruised, and toes were sore to the touch.  With her toenails hanging on by a thread Susan declared once again, “These shoes are too tight.”  Someone’s been running in the wrong shoes and she STILL IS! 

Susan took her feet and headed to the local running store, Hill Country Running Company where she met a running angel.  The “angel” at Hill Country knew his shoes.  He had Susan try on almost 10 pairs of shoes in varying sizes, styles, widths and brands.  

After an hour (yes an hour!) with the knowledgeable salesmen, Susan slipped on a shoe and declared, “This shoe is juuuuuuuuuuuuust right.” 


Susan’s shoe size Is now a size nine!  NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



Tracey said...

Don't feel bad. Mine are a nine and a half. I hope this solves your problem!

patchhats said...

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