Saturday, October 8, 2011

Third Quarter Review

Oh my goodness I forgot to write my third quarter review for 2011.  I know you've all been pining away for it.  Never fear my friends, here it comes.  But first, in case you missed the rest... 

First Quarter Review 
Second Quarter Review 

So here it goes.  In July we went home to visit my family and ran the Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic with a ton of my family members.  The "frolic" was just two miles and most of ran for fun.  My niece Abbey and I ran a mile AFTER the event to see how fast we could go.  I clocked an 8:19 mile.  

Later that week I participated in the Butler YMCA Triathlon.  It was a sprint triathlon and I ran it with my friend Tracey and my blog friend Amanda.   It wasn't my fastest race, but it was definitely the most fun I've had doing a triathlon.  

The whole family set out to learn to wakeboard and it was a HUGE success.   

We had an awesome visit from my friends from Pittsburgh-- The Irons.   It was one of the highlights of my summer.  

Nicholas turned eight years old and had a baseball birthday.  I made, what I considered to be, my first successful cake ever.  

Mom Swim Bike Run turned one year old!  Gasp... how have I written this thing for a whole year.  More importantly how have you put up with me?  Don't answer that!  I love you all for being here!  I really do! 

Yours truly turned 37.  I can't believe I'm so close to 40, but I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.  

My baby boy turned four years old.  Jack had a bowling party, but was mostly interested in opening presents.  

Ella also had a birthday, turning six years old.  My friend Jami flew all the way form Pittsburgh to help me and we pulled off the best Hello Kitty birthday party ever.  

I ran my longest training run to date preparing for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon.  20 crazy miles!  

It seems like it was such a long hot summer and apparently I spent most of my time baking cakes and not doing much racing.  I'm looking forward to the fall, my marathon, cooler weather, and doing all the traditional holiday activities with my kids. 

Thanks for sticking around and following me on my journey.  See you for the rest of 2011!  


JulietteHarmon said...

I love that I've been around for almost all of those events. You have an awesome family..

G. said...

Look forward this every day! xoxo G.

robringer said...

its been a good year for the Tirch family!

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