Monday, November 28, 2011

Gingerbread Perfection

Do you know how to give a mother a heart attack?  Ok, not just any mother, but ME?  You make not one, not two, but THREE gingerbread houses.  You also relinquish all control letting each child do WHATEVER they want.

It's very hard for a type A person (I'm looking at ME) to let go of all control and just let the kids have fun.  Sure I'd love to have a perfect Gingerbread house on display, but letting the kids do what they want means so much to them, and of course, to me.

Ella was the first to start her house and she was very careful with a definite plan.

Jack loved spreading on his "snow" and enjoyed a lot of tasting.

Nicholas started out strong with some great ideas and got right to it.

After a LOT of icing...

... and a whole lot of mess

some of the candy decorations actually made it on to the houses.

And by some, I mean A LOT.  All in one place.

While Ella was the first to start, she wasn't the first to finish.  She said she liked taking her time and getting things just right.  Hmmm a little Type A perhaps??? 

Nicholas, however, tired of the project a lot earlier than I thought he would, but was still pleased with his creation.

Jack had enough icing on his for 100 houses and about that much in his belly too.

Finally, Ella finished and as you can see, she was ecstatic about her creation.

These gingerbread houses may not be the prettiest, but they're a reflection of each child's personality.  Each one is perfection... to me, Type A and all.


G. said...

Aww so nice! xoxo G.

robringer said...

fun! i can't wait to do that with noah!!

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