Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

When the holidays come around, I think we all get wrapped up (no pun intended) in all the hoopla and forget what everything is TRULY about.  So today, on Thanksgiving, I thought I'd remember to count my blessings and remember what I'm incredibly thankful for.

I'm thankful for:

My husband:  my biggest supporter and someone who loves me because he chooses to do so
My mom:  a constant in my life always
My dad:  someone who I know loves me unconditionally
My sisters and my brother:  even if we don't see and talk to each other every day, we are forever bonded and I love you all so much
My extended family:  God gave me you.  Thank you God.
My friends:  I'm at a point in my life where I choose my friends very wisely and don't waste time on people that don't matter.  If we're friends you're there for a reason and I appreciate you and your gift of friendship.
My job:  I'm so thankful to be able to stay home with my children.  I'm also thankful for George's job and that it affords me the opportunity to be there for our children always.
My body:  As much as I complain about it (a dimple here, a fat calf there) I'm truly thankful that it is strong and capable and I'm able to do the things I love.

Above all, I'm thankful for the health and happiness of my children.  God has blessed me with three beautiful, happy, healthy children and I try very hard to never take their health for granted.  I realize so many others are not as fortunate as I.

I'm thankful for her smile and sweet disposition.  I'm thankful that she comes up to me EVERY DAY and grabs my neck and kisses me and tells me she loves me.  

I'm thankful for his devilish grin and attitude.  I'm thankful for his personality which makes me laugh EVERY DAY.

I'm thankful for him letting me treat him like a baby even though he's becoming such a big boy.  I'm thankful that his actions make me proud EVERY DAY.

I'm thankful that these brothers will ALWAYS have each other and love watching their bond getting stronger EVERY DAY.

I'm thankful that God chose ME to be their mother.  A blessing I'm thankful for today, and EVERY DAY.


G. said...

And I am thankful for you! xoxo G.

JulietteHarmon said...

Love this blog!!! You are indeed one very blessed lady!!

robringer said...

good one susan!!!

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