Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New York City Here She Comes

Training for a marathon is a long and strenuous task.  If you've ever trained then I need not say another word.  If you haven't well then I have a little story for you.  This comes just 2 days before Bianca and I leave for New York City.

Once upon a time there were two girls, Susan and Bianca.  They were casual friends and both runners moving through life in many common circles.  Both ladies had applied to the New York City Marathon and both were waiting that day in April to find out if they were "in".  While Susan's luck was not in her favor that day, Bianca's was and she was "in" to the New York City Marathon.  

Even though the two women wouldn't be running together, they made a pact to train together-- Bianca for New York Marathon and Susan for Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon as these races are run just one week apart in November.  Their training began the last week in May as they started their way through a 24 week training program.   And so a meaningful friendship began.  

I have run over 500 miles since marathon training began.  500!!!  That's roughly 5500 minutes or 90 hours of running.  99% of that was run with Bianca by my side.  I know I could have gotten through marathon training on my own, but I know I wouldn't have come as far.  Bianca is a special person.  She's kind, easy-going and pretty much selfless.  Who wouldn't want a marathon training partner like that?  Who wouldn't want a friend like that?

So many times Bianca encouraged me while we ran.  She encouraged me to run harder or faster or longer-- whatever we needed to do that day.  She told me I was doing great (even when I wasn't), told me I looked cute (even if I didn't) and listened to all my long winded stories too.  I can't begin to express my gratitude to her for being here for me literally and figuratively every step of the way.

This marathon is Bianca's first and so, she has naturally been nervous all week long.  Me, on the other hand, I haven't been nervous at all.  I'm not nervous because I believe in Bianca whole heartedly.  I know she has done her training, I know she is strong (in mind and body) and I know she has done everything she could have done to have a successful marathon.  The rest is up to the running Gods and the stars.

So Bianca, today I pray to the running Gods and watching for the starts to align so that you may have a race experience that is everything you dreamed it would be.  I envision you running through New York City with your beautiful smile soaking in all that the city has to offer.  The running will just be an afterthought as you always make it look so effortless.  You WILL be everything I know that you can be.  You will be an inspiration to your husband, your girls and, of course, to me.

Best of luck for the race experience of a lifetime, my training parter... my FRIEND!  With you, marathon training wasn't so bad after all.


David said...

Oh, many kind and wonderful words. Beautiful!
-Bianca's husband...

tracey smith said...

Good luck Bianca! From what Susan says about you, I know you will have a great race. Enjoy it. What an experience to run NYC as your first. You will never forget it. Most of all, have fun!!!!

Bianca said...

Susan, you must resist blogging immediately after running because you become far too generous with your words (runner's high?). Were it not for your guidance and friendship, I would not be at this point. It was your experience, your training plan and your encouragement that got me here. I had only been running casually for about a year before moving here. While I loved the hills, I never imagined training for a marathon! Thank YOU for finally agreeing to run with me! I recall how often you said "no" to me when I'd ask you to go running together. What a great decision you made!!! We are friends, and road warriors. I couldn't imagine running/training with anybody else. You always make me scare me while we run...but its all fun. I'll see you in New York AND will be cheering YOU on in San Antonio! You're Awesome.

JulietteHarmon said...

And all true!!

robringer said...

Good Luck Bianca!!

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