Monday, November 7, 2011

New York City Part I

I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK!   Did you miss me?  I'm sorry I've been AWOL, but my trip to New York City for the marathon was a whirlwind that left me exhausted every night.  I wound up crashing every night and no blog got written.  I'm here now though and I plan to recap all the events of NYC (it might wind up taking more than one post).

Friday morning started pretty early as I had a 9:00 flight.  Julie was kind enough to drop me at the airport on her way to work which meant I got there a little earlier than I needed, but I MUCH rather be early than rushed and late.

The time went by quickly and before I knew it I was on the plane taking self portraits of my new hair.  Yes I got an itch to change my hair color and HAD to do it the night before my big trip.  It's definitely dark and will take a little getting used to, but I love it.

It wasn't long and I had arrived in NYC and had to face my biggest fear (for this trip anyway).  I had to be a big girl and get a cab from the airport and make it to my hotel downtown.  I don't know why this made me so nervous.  I am a city girl, but I guess I'm more of a suburbia housewife because this did make me a wee bit nervous.

It turned out to be WAY easier than I thought.  I just lined up in the taxi line and the taxi pulled up!  Not scary right?

Yes that went off without a hitch, but then my "cabbie" decided to keep hocking up some loogies and spitting them out the window.  I wanted to vomit.  However, that was the worst of my whole escapade and I arrived at the Crowne Plaza unscathed.

I had just a little bit of time at the hotel to freshen up before we headed out for the night.  Dedie had scored us tickets to Enrique and Pitbull at Madison Square Garden.  I was pumped to see them sing, but I was equally excited about going to The Garden.  It's iconic and somewhere I've always wanted to go.

The sequin pumps I bought for the evening were definitely cute, but not good walking shoes and we had to hail a pedicab to save my feet.  We took our lives into our own hands with that man because I'm pretty sure we almost died 5 times, but my feet are still blister free so it was worth it.

We started off the evening at Cafe 31 and grabbed a bite to eat.  It was right outside the Garden and we enjoyed a good pizza and salad before heading over to the concert.

Walking into Madison Square Garden felt kind of surreal.  I know it's crazy to feel that way about something so silly, but I never dreamed I'd ever go to Madison Square Garden and now I can say I've been there.  It was awesome.  I can't lie, I wish I had been there for a hockey game because that would have made it EPIC.

Enrique and Pitbull put on a really great show.  I think Pitbull may have actually edged out Enrique.  He's a great entertainer.  Enrique did make out with a girl from the crowd that he pulled up on stage, so he gets extra points for that in my book.   Even though we didn't get a make out session, we all had a great time dancing and singing along.

The concert seemed to end as quickly as it started and we made the long (in my sequin pumps) walk back to the hotel.  I got offered the chance to buy tickets to some shows, some stand up comedy, and some weed.  I politely declined them all.   Seriously?  Do I look like the weed smoking type?

We were back at the hotel and snuggled into our beds by midnight (maybe even earlier).  I was exhausted and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.  I woke the next day at 6:30 am to start our next day of adventure in New York City.

To be continued....

By the way the winner of the Hand Vibe giveaway is Maria Abbott.  I'd ask for your address, but I already have it since you're my cousin.  Please understand the only people that commented were in real life friends and relatives so shame on you (random stranger) for not commenting!   haha  Maria, I'll send you the Hand Vibes ASAP!  


G. said...

Hey I didn't know about any contest for hand vibes - um what is that anyway??? xoxoxo G.

lindsay cotter said...

so exciting! Love NYC! can't wait for the recap.

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Unknown said...

I'm with G and whatever those things are? I'm kinda worried ;)

D. said...

We had sooo much fun...can't wait for the rest of
the recap. Believe that we have enough material
to write a book :)

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