Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New York City Part II

On Saturday morning the alarm clock went off at 6:30 (which I must point out was 5:30 my time).  Ugh!  Who wants to go for a run at that hour?  Oh only me, Tim, Cooper, Bianca and thousands of other crazy runner people.

We met at 7:30 in the lobby to begin our run to Central Park.  It didn't take long to realize everyone was out trying to keep their legs fresh and get in a few miles before the marathon.  Bianca and Tim wanted to run just 2 to 3 miles whereas I had 8 on my training program.

As soon as we entered the park you could feel the excitement of marathon weekend.  I've been in Central Park before, but I had never run in Central Park.  It was something I never really thought about doing before, but it was amazing once I did!  There's just something so special about running.  It's hard to explain but being in Central Park was pretty great, but running through Central Park was beyond that and running the actual marathon course was ... well it was as close as I could get-- for now.

Very quickly 1.5 miles had gone by and Bianca and Tim turned back toward the hotels.  Cooper stayed with me to finish out, what would be, my last "long" run of marathon training.

Cooper and I talked the whole way, but mostly I think the two of us were pretty much in awe of what we were doing.  Both of us felt like it was a privilege to even be stepping foot onto the marathon course and we talked about our dreams of actually running this event some day.

We even visited the finish line.  I had hopes and dreams of my pretend finish, but the finish line was blocked off and I couldn't get close enough for my finishing shot.  One day, I'll have mine!  

I don't know why, but I just couldn't get my temperature right on this run. I was too hot in my coat (not even a running coat) and too cold without it.  I'd be hot then cold.  My fingers never warmed up and my butt, of all things, was cold.  So we called our run quits at about 6.5 miles.  I wasn't worried about shaving 1.5 miles off my run because I knew there would be A LOT of walking done over the next 2 days.  Also, Cooper and I were both starving.  Ha!

We grabbed some breakfast and headed back to the hotel for a hot cold shower.  All I was dreaming of was warming up in the shower and it turns out my water went FRIGID about 5 minutes into my shower.  Note to self:  shower early to get the hot water.  Oh well, I wasn't going to let a little thing like a cold shower get me down.  I was in in NYC!!!

We spent the next THREE hours walking around the city visiting some of the places Dedie's family wanted to see (Rockefeller Center, Tiffany, St. Patrick's, Saks etc.).  No we didn't see much, but it takes a lot of time to cover all that ground in New York City on marathon weekend.  So we did what we could, saw a few things, and headed back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner.

Dinner was something I was really looking forward to, as we had reservations at Carmine's.  I was looking forward to carb loading with Tim and his family and friends.

We enjoyed a really nice evening of wine and pasta and I devoured the most delicious salad I have ever eaten.  It was the perfect evening of preparation the night before a marathon (even if you're not marathoning).

Our table ordered the "Titanic" for dessert and even though it was totally excessive it was incredibly good and worth every indulgent calorie.  Dedie and her nephew, Reed, agree.

We barely had time to digest our food before we set off for our next adventure.   Hello Chicago!!!!

 I mean hello Chicago from the SECOND row!

The show was minimal in form of set and costumes, but I felt like the minimalism was part of its appeal.  It was pure, raw talent and these men and women performing were incredible.  In true Susan form, I dreamed about what these people must eat and do to have the bodies they have.  Their bodies were INSANE.  I hope they eat Big Macs and never workout beyond dancing because then I'll feel better knowing it all comes naturally.  It's my dream, let me live it!  Seriously though, the show was everything you'd want a Broadway show to be and an nice added surprise to my trip.  

By the time the show ended it was after 11:00 and I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go to bed.  I don't know what time it was when my head hit the pillow, but once again I was O.U.T. out.  I had a big day ahead of me, after all!  

To be continued..... 


G. said...

Do you even know YOU are living someone else's dream? How lucky you are!!! xoxo G.

tracey smith said...

Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to hear about the marathon!
I LOVE your hair!!!

Cooper Irons said...

It has been so great re

D. said...

We had just too much fun :)

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