Monday, November 21, 2011

Operation Half Marathon PR

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what I am going to do with my life.  And by life I mean my workouts.  Ha!  I've been looking at my long term goals and my short term goals and trying to figure out how to mesh everything together.  The most important thing is that my workouts need to be secondary to the rest of my life.  I need to be available for my children and everything else is second fiddle.

Although I originally thought I'd attempt a half iron distance triathlon in the spring, I just don't think it is in the cards.  I would need 18 weeks of dedicated training.  Meaning, plenty of time on the bike and in the water.  That means I would need to start RIGHT NOW!  Well, we all know the months of November and December are the busiest months of the year and I don't feel I can fully commit to training for something that important right now.  So, I'm delaying my half iron training and will hopefully be able to find a triathlon of that distance to tackle in the fall.

Right now I'm going to focus on the three half marathons I'm planning to do over the next 12 weeks and work on getting myself a PR at one of the races (hopefully the 3M Half Marathon on January 29th).  Once again, I'm turning to Hal Higdon to help get me to my goal.  I am going to be using his Advanced Half Marathon Training Program.   (Modified slightly to suit my needs accommodate my schedule).  Eeeek!  Just hearing the word advanced kind of scares me, but I feel like I've met all the "criteria" Hal talks about when talking about an advanced half marathoner.

So I'm running 5 days a week, cross training 1 day and having one rest day.

Mondays:  Body Pump and Cross Train
Tuesdays:  Speed and Hills
Wednesday:  Body Pump and Run (short)
Thursdays:  Tempo Run
Fridays:  Pace Run
Saturdays:  Rest
Sunday:  Long Run

This is going to be tiring, but it is going to help keep me on track with my long term goals.  I will have a great running base heading into the Spring when I can then ramp up my biking and swimming and focus on my triathlon goals.

There it is folks, in all its glory, my training plan and goals for now through February.  Bianca has agreed to train with me even though she is running the Austin FULL marathon instead of the half (February 19th).  I will feel badly leaving her to run some lonely miles when she's doing longer distances, but I think it will be good for her to go faster (than I can go) on some of those runs too.  Yay for running/training buddies!

Wish me luck as I set out on Operation Half Marathon PR.

What are your goals for keeping motivated and on track through the holiday season?  


G. said...

Good Luck!
xoxoxo G.

Feener44 said...

i am on a same plan, currently just starting my training plan for maimi half and i want to pr. my best half (i have only done 2) is 2.08, i so want to go 2 or under. using hal's intermiadite plan with some changes for me......good luck !

tracey smith said...

Sounds like a great plan. PR here you come!

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