Thursday, November 17, 2011

Perfect Foods Bar

Every morning I wake up grouchy.  I can't really help it, I'm not a morning person.  Part of the reason I'm grouchy is probably because I went to bed too late and woke up still feeling tired.  Instead of just tackling the day with a good attitude, I usually feel sorry for myself for feeling so tired.  I need to correct that.

However, I can honestly tell you the biggest reason that I wake up grouchy is because I'm hungry.  When am I not hungry?  But, I'm a mother of three, and eating must wait.  First we brush teeth, comb hair, pick out clothes, iron clothes, get dressed, make breakfast for the kids, pack lunches, load the backpacks and finally head out the door.  I've been up for an hour and I STILL haven't eaten or drank anything.  Read:  MORE GROUCHY.

Finally I grab a Diet Coke (yes really) a bar and I head out the door, either to go to the gym or take Jack to preschool (and then hit the gym).  I've eaten lots of heath food bars over the years and I tend to get bored so I do switch it up.  I've currently been stuck on the Cliff Mojo bars and I like them just fine, but they never leave me feeling satisfied for very long.  There's not enough substance.

So, when Wendy from Perfect Foods Bars asked if she could send me some bars to try I jumped at the chance to sample them.  I'll be honest, I really didn't have high hopes.  If you know me at all in real life, then you know I'm not generally an overly healthy eater.  I try, and I want to be healthy, but I don't tend to really love things that are good for me.  So when I heard of the Perfect Foods Bars that are all organic (made with nutritious whole foods), and are full of vitamins and other healthy "stuff", I thought they'd naturally taste like crap (just being honest).

In fact, as I unwrapped the first bar I ate (the peanut butter) I cringed as I took the first bite anticipating it would taste horrible (think powerbars).  However, with the first bite I was pleasantly surprised.  These bars were REALLY good and I was instantly hooked.    The bar tasted like something I could have made at home.   Who doesn't love homemade?    I still scoffed, and chalked up its goodness to peanut butter.  What isn't good about peanut butter?  Then I tried the Carob Chip and Cranberry Crunch and was equally as delighted.  Even Jack LOVED them.  Jack!  That's a small miracle in and of itself.

The bottom line is this-- THE BARS ARE GOOD and they're good for you.  The bars are calorie dense (about 300 calories on average).  I only say dense because most of the bars I have been eating are less than 200 calories, so it scares me a little.  Let's face it though, I should be consuming FAR more calories for breakfast.  I also found that I stayed full for much longer.  Go figure!  Filling my body with truly good ingredients actually made me feel properly fueled.  Imagine!

If you're looking for a great bar, I highly recommend these bars (and let's face it I tried really hard not to like them).   Seriously, these bars are top notch and if you'd like to buy some you can find them at these stores.

You can also buy them online here.  No one paid me to tell you that I liked these bars.  I was just sent the samples and asked to give my honest opinion and that's exactly what I did.  

As if the bars themselves were not good enough, read about their FAMILY company here.  It's a great story of family working together for good.  I bet they didn't have a grouchy mom in the morning! I need to correct that-- with a Perfect Foods Bar.


lindsay cotter said...

best bars ever! we are addicted!!

G. said...

Ahhhhh, finally a cure!!!! xoxo G.

robringer said...

may have to give them a shot...

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