Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Susan's Law of Averages

All my life I have had a complex, well as long as I can remember anyway.  I'm not exactly sure where it comes from, but it is definitely there.  I always have this feeling that I am average.  It's an inferiority complex I supposed.  I guess there is nothing wrong with average, but who really strives to be in the middle of the pack?

So, when I started looking at marathon statistics today I realized one thing.  Once again, I'm AVERAGE!

Average woman?  36.6.. ok ok so I'm 37.1 but I'm clearly the average.  Average finishing time?  4:54:25.  My finishing time in my only marathon to date was 4:58:20.  You see?  Proof that I am just an average marathoner.

Let's break it down a little further.

If you look at the average marathon finishing time for my age group (F35-39) it is 4:48:36.  (By the way my age group is almost the FASTEST of the women finishers. I found that very interesting).  My point is,  I'm not actually AVERAGE at all.  I'm BELOW AVERAGE!  Sonofa...

In order to bring myself out of my self-imposed, life-long average slump I've decided on my marathon goal.  That is, to run a 4:48 (or better) marathon.  Then, and only then, can I say I'm actually above average at something.

Does anyone see anything wrong with how I have arrived at my marathon pace goal?  I didn't think so!  Clearly this is logical and not at all schizophrenic.  Clearly!


Kortni said...

Don't believe you are average! Statistics are not you!! You are well trained and this race is going to be your coming out party!!

G. said...

Well! How about all the others that don't run at all so don't ever think you are below average - you are way above on every angle!! xoxoxxo G.

tracey smith said...

You are too much!

Lisa McCarthy said...

But you're way above the average mom! You make the rest of us look bad. I know you'll do great on the race. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend in NYC.

Kelley said...

I totally understand where your'e coming from....but Dont beat yourself up...you are in the most competitive age group in most sporting events....You are above average because you are out there doing what most others only think about doing! Run GIRL Run

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