Friday, November 11, 2011

Top 10 Excuses for Not Running a Good Marathon

I've been thinking a LOT about the marathon (naturally) and I think I'm starting to get paranoid.  I keep thinking about what I will say/do if I don't have a good race.  Being as I think it's good to always be prepared, I came up with these reasons.  Let me know which one you think is the best and I'll use it on marathon day if need be.

Top 10 Excuses for Not Running a Good Marathon

10.  I went out too fast

9.  I went out too slow

8.  I didn't hydrate properly

7.   I hydrated too much

6.  It was too hot

5.  It was too cold

4.  I got a cramp in my pinkie toe

3.  I got a cramp in my big toe

2.  There was a headwind the whole time

and the number one excuse for not running a good marathon....

1.  I pooped my pants.

So what do you think?  Believable?  Will you buy any of these excuses?  Which one gets me the most sympathy?  Weigh in!  


JulietteHarmon said...

I like #1 (also known as #2, haha) and worry about that one myself!

tracey smith said...

For me, #6 is a good excuse. I don't run well in the heat. But, maybe it isn't a good excuse for you because you are somewhat used to it now. Hmmm......
I agree with Julie also, #1 is believable and hopefully it will never happen.

But seriously, you won't need an excuse because you are going to run the best race of your life! I can't wait to track you and hear all about it.

Come on Susan, you can do it, put a little power to it! (and you too, Julie!)

G. said...

LAME - think again!! xoxo G.

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