Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vibe Turkey

Remember last year when we had to decorate a turkey for Nicholas' class?  You don't?  I'm not surprised, but I remember.

I remember because I usually feel so much pressure when my kids bring home "family projects" that require creative juices.  So when Jack brought home a turkey feather to decorate and Ella a turkey to disguise (so it wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving) I immediately started to feel anxiety.  What should we do?

I honestly didn't put much effort into Jack's creation.  It's preschool after all.  Although, I should have put more effort in for his craft because it's always those preschool moms that are over eager and over achievers.  Nonetheless Jack's plain brown feather...

... slowly transformed into a his own little masterpiece (ok not his own, Ella helped too).

I promise it does get better.   Like I said, Ella had to disguise her turkey so that no one would be able to find it and eat it for Thanksgiving dinner.  At first Ella said she wanted to disguise the turkey as Taylor Swift and I was totally into that, but then she changed her mind to a boring princess.  It's ok though because I know about being a princess "stuff".  The transformation began.

I think the Princess turkey (as Ella calls it... I think she missed the point of the DISGUISE) turned out better than the leaf.  I'm just happy that they're both finished and to hell with you other moms that show me up because I'm going to NYC tomorrow!

You might have noticed the little rings on the kids' fingers while doing this project.  The rings are actually called Hand Vibes and they were sent to me to review on the blog.  The kids took to the rings immediately.  They liked them because they were cool colors and immediately started "fighting" over them.  Jack and Ella were a little young to understand the concept of the words on them so they didn't care much about that.  Each pack of Hand Vibes comes with 3 rings (2 with a visible saying on the ring and 1 hidden so you don't know what you're getting).  I can see where this would create trying to find that one "hard to find" saying that your child wants/has to have.
Like I said, Jack and Ella (ages 4 and 6) didn't care much about what they said, but more about the colors they were.   I could definitely see slightly older kids wanting to collect them ALL (there are 30 designs).  I  EASILY see this being the next craze for all the kids.  Remember Beanie Babies, Silly Bands and Jibbitz?  Yeah that kind of crazy.

Overall my kids really liked them, but they might be a little young for them.  Like I said, they didn't really catch on to the concept of the sayings which I think is the biggest appeal.  Also the rings themselves were a little big for their tiny fingers (it actually says on the package 7 and up woopsie).   Nevertheless, they got excited when they saw them and wore them all day long today.  The appeal for kids is DEFINITELY there.

If your child is a little older (think older elementary and middle school age) I think they would love them.  I regret that I didn't get to share them with my 8 year old, but he wasn't available at the time of this review (he's important at just 8 years old).

If you're interested in learning all the details about Hand Vibes click the link to go to their website.  It says there to look at a "store near you".  I haven't seen them in stores yet or on any kids, but perhaps we will be the first to set the trend.  I'm thinking they'd be a great stocking stuffer!

Luckily for you, you won't have to find them in stores because Hand Vibes sent me a sample to share with all of you.  So if you want to start this craze with your kids leave me a comment saying why you think your kids would love their own Hand Vibes and I'll pick a random winner on Monday November 7th.  Good luck!


G. said...

You let them glue on the rug? You sure have changed - they both turned out - as long as they are happy with the project, that's the point - the hand vibes - why didn't we think of that? The WILL be the next craze - Nicholas would have loved them too..........I can say I saw them before production....................and have fun in NYC - watch your back! xoxo G.

Tonyac63 said...

Good blog...I remember last years turkeys, and I was thinking the same thing as G "you let them glue one the rug"...LOL the kiddos are so cute. About the rings...pretty cool, and pretty sure my 9 year old grandson would wear them, but I am positive my 19 year old daughter would too! Love you Susan.

Maria said...

I love Ella's little princess craft. (I didn't see a turkey ;) Did you?) Jack looked like he had fun with his project too.
I'm thinking the Hand Vibes will be a hit with slightly older kids too. Simon's fingers are probably too small as well. (I wonder if they'll fit me??) But, I'm guessing he'd think they are cool. Any sports verbiage? "Goal!!"
Have a blast in NYC...It's pretty amazing.

amy_niklaus said...

I don't know about my kids...but I would wear them!! Of course, they probably don't make them for fat fingers. And....I CANNOT BELIEVE your kids are using glue on the carpet. That is all.

tracey smith said...

Love the turkeys- Ella's is very pretty. Love the rings too- I will have to watch out for them here.

Have fun!!!

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