Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Lies Ahead

Now that the marathon is over I don't know what to feel.  After focusing on the same thing for so many months I feel a little lost.  I know that I want to still continue to run, but I'm not sure I want to dive back in to training for another marathon.  I WILL run another marathon, I'm just not sure when.

I really want to focus on my cycling, and swimming AS WELL AS running.  I've only been able to do sprint distance triathlons thus far because I've spent so much time and energy focusing on running.  I REALLY want to increase my triathlon distance (half ironman????) and I can't just muddle through a triathlon at that distance.  I need to put in time in the water and on the bike.

Now don't get me wrong, I still want to continue to run, I just don't want to run another marathon right now.  So I'm going to focus on 1/2 marathons right now and work on increasing my speed at that distance.

So here's what's next.

December 11th 2011:  Decker Challenge 1/2 Marathon

January 29th 2012:  3M Half Marathon

February 19th 2012:  Livestrong Austin 1/2 Marathon

Running one half marathon a month for the next three months will definitely keep me on track with my running.  My goal is to run Decker Challenge for fun (this is a hilly, challenging course that I ran last year) and then really go all out at 3M and hopefully at Livestrong too.

I hate to even say it out loud, but I have big dreams in the triathlon arena this year and I'm most likely going to do this.  I'm not sure which distance, but my dream would be to do the Half Iron.


G. said...

I'm tired just thinking about it - have fun 13.1 must not seem to daunting - but the challenge for you is to get faster, I guess. Must have to be a runner to understand. xoxoxo G.

Unknown said...

No problem for you!

robringer said...

Talk about keeping your schedule full!!

Amanda Gray Mills said...

Awesome! 1/2 marathon is the best distance anyway. Keep motivated girl. I"m sorta jealous of your schedule ;-)


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