Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Resolution Review

I was going through some magazines tonight and, OF COURSE, everyone of them is talking about the dreaded New Year's resolutions.  I'm not exactly a resolution kind of gal, but last year I made of list of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2011.  With all the talk of resolutions I figured I'd take a look at my list for 2011 and see how well I did.  (Mind you I have 13 more days to complete anything left on my list. Ha!)

Here is my 2011 List:

1.  Run a new distance race... I'm thinking a 10K.  I'll be sure to get a PR on that one!   Done 

I really loved running the IBM Uptown Classic 10k.  Even though any time would have been a PR because I have never done this distance, I'm pretty proud of my time (58:05).  More importantly this was one of my favorite races of the year.  I had so much fun running with my friends.  

    2.  Complete my first FULL marathon and stay alive. Done
    Well, I'm still alive, that much I can say. And not only did I complete one marathon, but I completed TWO! Yay me! 
February:  Livestrong Austin Marathon 4:58:20 

    November:  Rock n Roll San Antonio 5:02:49 
    3.  Complete an Olympic distance triathlon.  Fail 
    I can say that I did do 3 sprint distance triathlons, however and that's nothing to sneeze at right?  A-choo (never mind). 

4.  Ride 100 miles.  Fail

I have nothing to say about this.  Just a big fat fail.  I spent so much time focused on my running that I forgot about cycling almost entirely.  That makes me sad.

5.  Set a 1/2 marathon PR (Current 2:09) Fail 

I actually didn't even come close.  My fastest half this year was just a week ago at Decker Challenge when I finished in 2:14:43.  I feel like I have a PR in me, I just didn't get it done in 2011.

6.  Set a 5K PR (Current 29:29).  Kinda.

Does kinda count?  My fastest 5K in a race this year was at Duke's and Daisies on Mother's day.  I finished just shy of my record in 29:41.

However, one random day (you can read about it here) I went out and ran a 5K in 28:15.  Does it count if it's not in a race?  Like I said, kinda.

Looking at this list makes me feel like a little bit of a failure, which is further proof to me that you should not make these kinds of list.  How could I look back at 2011 and feel like a failure?  I may not have met a few of my goals, but I pushed myself hard, trained for a marathon through the heat of a Texas summer, enjoyed racing some triathlons and had so much fun at so many races.

So no, I didn't accomplish all my goals, but I still feel like 2011 was a HUGE success and anything left from 2011 I'll just carry on over to 2012.  Bring it!


Kortni said...

Running all the races you did including TWO marathons is a total WIN! You should be proud of your accomplishments for the year...not to mention you still had to be a wife and mommy while doing all this!

Momswimbikerun said...

Thanks Kortni, it means a lot to me to hear that!

Jeannie Gilbert said...

You had a lot of different goals for one thing, so it's hard really to expect to hit them all especially since some of them require different focuses. For instance, biking 100 miles and PRing half marathon & 5K. I think you did have a successful year because you got out there and challenged yourself many times!

G. said...

GREAT year! xoxo G.

tracey smith said...

Great review. You accomplished A LOT this year. You should be so proud of yourself!

robringer said...

WOW. i would be happy with that list! your list shouldn't be a list of things you have to do, it would be things you would like to do...that way there is less dissapointment when you don't do one...guess you will just have to come to pittsburgh and you and george will have to ride 100 miles with me? sound good?

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