Monday, December 12, 2011

All Aboard... Riding the Polar Express

Every year (for the past 5 years anyway) we set out to ride the Polar Express to the North Pole.  We (we being the kids) dress in our jammies and bundle up to brave the cold and hop on board the train to joy and excitement.  

Tickets.... tickets please.

All aboard.

This year we were joined by the fabulous Corbin family, which includes the ever cute Isabel.  She and Ella, of course, had the same jammies.  I joked that they're morphing into one person.

There were also two happy little boys on this train.  I'm happy to see Nicholas still believing, although I'm pretty sure this will be his last year.  Until then I'll enjoy his sweet innocence.

My guys just love Tracy.  Tracy is a such a special teenager.  She's so tolerant of their constant need for her attention.  I guess having a little sister helps, but she doesn't have to be nice to them and she always is.  I'm pretty sure Jack has a little crush.  Do you blame him?

A more significant relationship, however, is that between Ella and Isabel.  I was talking to David (Isabel's father) yesterday and he was talking about the bond that Ella and Isa have.  He talked about how nice it is to have such a bond with another person at such a young age.  They really are close and genuinely love one another.  I never really thought about the impact it is having on her life right now, but I can DEFINITELY remember my first BFF and the bond we shared.  Now I get it, thank you David! 

 Like mother like daughter.... My relationship with Bianca is pretty special too and I'm very thankful for having such a wonderful woman in my life.  Beyond everything else we do together, we laugh and I need that in my life.

But we weren't on this train to kiss and hug our friends, we were on this train to find the North Pole and Santa Claus.  Is he out there girls?

He hasn't shown up yet so we decided to have some hot cocoa and wait.

The kids were so good and patiently waited.  We sang Christmas carols to pass the time (some were a little lot off key.  *cough cough* Susan *cough cough*).

Finally Mrs. Claus came to let us know Santa would soon be on his way.  She treated us to snicker doodles, Santa's favorite cookie (whatever it's soooooo not a snicker doodle and more a buckeye).

Back again to looking out for the North Pole and Santa.

Is he here yet?

 Have you been naughty or nice?

And finally he came.

The kids sat and chatted a little with Santa.   He may look like Santa (Actually he doesn't, what's with the brown fur?) but he left a lot to be desired.  He barely uttered a ho ho ho and he seemed a little senile.  It might be time to retire this Santa. The kids didn't know any better and had fun telling them the top items on their lists.

But Santa please remember the little ones aren't the only good little boys and girls.  There are others too.

All good things must come to an end, a very exhausted ending for everyone.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


G. said...

That looked like St. Nicholas from times past, not SANTA CLAUS - good lord - maybe Geo can be santa next year!! LOL So glad for these traditions!!! very very wonderful friends!!! xoxo G.

Lisa McCarthy said...

Chris was just looking at the pictures while I was reading and at the time I got to the part about the brown fur Chris said "what's up with the brown fur on Santa?" Looks like it was a lot of fun and so happy you found such great friends in TX. Although I wish you still lived here because Ella made my girls feel so welcome when we moved and you did, too!

robringer said...

great picture of george and ella at the end!! I never went on the Polar express as a kid...i don't even know if they had one...BUT, great blog, helping to get me in the spirit!!

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