Friday, December 30, 2011

Just another Perfect Day

It was a gorgeous day today in Austin, TX (70 degrees) so the Tirch Clan decided to take to the great outdoors.  I wanted to go "hiking" and so George looked up a family friendly trail.  Turns out there is what they call a greenbelt in downtown Austin.  So we packed up our water bottles and set out on an adventure in nature at the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Did I mention how beautiful it was?  Look at that sky?  You really couldn't ask for a better day and it's December!  I feel spoiled.

Speaking of spoiled...

In Nicholas' mind he had to dress for the occasion and he was camp from head to toe, testing out his new "hunting" boots Santa brought.  To me, he seems a little too comfortable in this get up.  What?  I don't do camo (and all that goes with it). 

This one is a little more my speed.  A little overdressed for the weather she was able to sport her bedazzled shirt for all the other tree huggers hikers to see.

Jack was beyond excited about the hike.  He was in his element for sure.  This child is ALL boy ALL the time and he was literally jumping for joy.

I was probably the only one in the woods with a Cannon Rebel, but you never know when a photo opportunity will occur and several did, in fact, occur... so there!

We saw a road runner and some squirrels along the way, but Jack was intent on finding some deer (or deers as he would say).  We never saw any, but Jack had his stick-gun just in case we did.

It is kind of sad that the Barton Creek Greenbelt is not actually a creek at all, but a dry creek bed.  Although it looked beautiful, it is just a reminder of the harsh summer Texas underwent.  Speaking of harsh, did you see the house?  Tough place to live right?

We wound up walking/hiking just over two and a half miles, which took us right around 2 hours.

We did stop along the way to play and explore.

Including learning to skip some rocks.

Just so you know, every day should be just like today.  Did you hear me God?  Please.  Thank you!  That is all. 


robringer said...

i loved family hiking trips at ohiopyle as a kid...great shots!

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