Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

Today I left the house looking like this.

Well not exactly like this because this was taken about 10 days ago and I wasn't wearing that dress and I didn't have my arm around Julie, but I think you get the idea.

I was really sick of my longish, boring, straight, brown hair.  Nothing says soccer mom like a hair with no style.  You see, I've had the same hair stylist for over 6 years.  I trusted Tim from Denham and Co and he always made my hair look good, but sadly Tim is in Pittsburgh and I am NOT. So if you live in Pittsburgh, hit up Tim (he's the salon owner) for a cut or color and you WON'T be disappointed.

Here are some of my more recent styles from Tim.

George likes my hair short, but I haven't been getting it cut because, let's face it, 1200 miles is a little too far to travel for a good cut.  So in honor of our 10 year anniversary (tomorrow) I set up a covert operation to secretly have my hair cut to surprise George.   Thanks to my blog friend Lindsay for hooking me up with her stylist Cassandra (she told me to tell you Lindsay, you've earned yourself a free cut with my referral) from The Salon at the Domain.

Hard as it was to trust another stylist, after 16 months of living in Austin, I FINALLY did it and I'm NOT disappointed.   This is a horrible picture of me, but you'll get the general idea.

Ok, ok that's not me, but that IS the picture I took in to show Cassandra how I wanted my hair cut.  

Soccer mom be gone.  Happy Anniversary George, I'm lookin' just as good as the day you married me.


Watchpot said...

Just as goo??? hmmm..........Love the hair - you found another good one! xoxo G.

Fancy Nancy said...

LOVE it!!! It looks so great!!

lindsay cotter said...

YEA!!! Go casandra! I miss her! she's awesome and you look AMAZING! Can't wait to get back and get a hair cut. Cheers!

robringer said...

haven't aged a day since your wedding ;) was that picture of you in the black dress from my wedding? Happy Anniversary George and Susan!

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