Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas

I can't believe I made it through to Christmas without collapsing.  I was so exhausted last night that it was everything I could do to stay awake to wrap the last present (yes I still had wrapping to do) to put under the tree from Santa.  I'm sure every "Santa" in the world felt just like I did last night. It's a tough job, but it's worth it.

Backing up a bit, we headed to church in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve.  So we all dressed up in our Sunday best and headed out to enjoy, what turned out to be, an spectacular service.

The service we went to was full of music, candles and even snow.  Yes snow!  Jack sat mesmerized the whole time and I think we ALL got a lot out of it.

After church we headed back to my house for Christmas dinner.  I REALLY enjoy cooking for people, but I don't know why because I'm always stressing about whether everyone likes everything.  Overall, I think everyone was pleased and left the table feeling pleasantly plump.

Decked out in our Cracker crowns

We agreed to do an ornament exchange, but some people (cough cough, Bianca) brought gifts for the kids anyway.  Sheesh!  Some people don't know how to follow directions.

I really appreciated spending Christmas Eve with the Corbins.  It was a low key night, but it was fun to have people we love and care about around us.  Isn't that what it's all about anyway?  It's NOT about the gifts and the food (ok maybe a little about the food), it's about being together and cherishing what is REALLY important-- family, friends and our meaningful relationships.

After the Corbins left the kids spent the rest of the evening opening presents from out of town relatives.  What was once beautiful packages under our tree was reduced to shards of paper and presents in milliseconds (a trend that we'd see again).

The only thing left to do was put out the reindeer food and cookies for Santa.  As if we needed one more thing to do, nevertheless it too got done and then the kids were off to bed.

Finally, we were able to start setting up the living room for Christmas morning. THE MAGIC!    I did have most everything ready, but I swear I was running on fumes.  I couldn't wait until the last package was in place so I could start having visions of sugar plums in my head.

With some teamwork, George and I were able to clean (him) and setup (me) and it turned out perfectly (in my mind).


Santa had come and now it was time for Santa to sleep.  I'd threatened the kids that they shall not call me one second before 7 am.   Is that mean?  Yeah, I don't care.

To be Continued....


Tracey said...

Your kids are so lucky to have such a great mom! I told my kids 7:30 and they woke up before that, but woke me up at 7:30 on the dot. I needed my sleep! About to collapse now. Merry Christmas!

G. said...

Wonderful! xoxo G.

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