Saturday, January 21, 2012

Amy and Abbey's Excellent Adventure

We've been up to a lot of eating things since Amy and Abbey arrived.  Here's a recap, picture style. 

Torchy's Tacos.  If you're keeping score I'm pretty sure I've eaten there 463 times in the past month, but it's yum.  #winning

What good is eating if you're not doing a little shopping?  Wait what?  We eat so we can have enough energy to shop.  Amy really wanted this scarf because it is obviously fabulous.  Abbey and I made sure she left it at Sam Moon.  Abbey did buy the hat for good measure.  #thatscarfisfug

We also hit up Nordies (ok Nordstrom Rack) where I found these beauties!  Um hello, yes you need to live in my closet.  Clearly we are in a drought in Texas, but that doesn't stop me from wearing rain boots.  I have single handedly ensured that it will never rain in Texas again.  #ilovetheseboots

Amy managed to waste spend 2 hours of her day building Legos with Jack.  Look how happy he is?  How could you turn down 2 hours of quality time with him.  #youcan't 

While Amy and Jack built Legos, Ella and Abbey sunned themselves in the beautiful weather we were having.  #bathingbeauties 

Soon enough it was time to eat again so we all prettied ourselves to go out again.  Clearly it takes others a little more "product" to look beautiful.  #mysisterisapiggy

All pretty we headed to Maggianos for dinner.  They don't have Maggianos in Pittsburgh and Abbey really wanted pasta.  I love Maggianos and now Amy and Abs do too.  #fatgirls

We started off today getting much needed sustenance at Round Rock Donuts.  Amy approved.  A LOT.  #bestdonutonearth

We barely got ready and did a little shopping (I'm detecting a trend) before we needed to eat again.  Seriously, we are like newborns and are on an every three hours schedule.  #whetherweneeditornot

And what's lunch without a little blue skies and some Hey Cupcake.  #doublefisteddesserts

We managed some site seeing as well, which included the UT stadium.

Abs really wants to go to UT and tried to break in, but her mom is against her living 1200 miles away.  #rude #nicebutt #illegal

That's all for now.  Amy and Abbey leave tomorrow and I have a feeling I'm going to have some pretty sad kiddos to deal with.  Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end.  #pleasegohomesomypantsfit


T and D said...

What about the Salt Lick?
...and those boots...really???
T and D

robringer said...

#thosehashtagsareharshandhilarious. #nicework #areyoupracticingforatweetoff?

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