Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Begin Rant

Face update:

Begin rant.

I am so sore today.  I was sore yesterday, but don't they say day two is always worse?   (Who is they anyway and why are they so smart?)  I'm in pain from my head to my toes.  I'm complaining, so if you don't want to hear about it please come back again another day.  You've been warned.

  • Face hurts including eye, nose, and chin.  Killing you?  I thought so.  
  • Teeth still hurt/are overly sensitive.  I.DON'T.EVEN.WANT.TO.TALK.ABOUT.IT
  • Left shoulder pain.  My previously broken shoulder always has a dull ache but it flares up when I run longer distances.   It should be noted that this was caused by another one of my brilliant, clumsy moments.  
  • Right shoulder pain due to getting a tetanus shot.  Man that hurts!  Better than walking around unable to move my jaw and unable to talk I suppose.  Hush George. 
  • Right arm bruised and scraped.
  • Left hand mangled all over my knuckles, further encouraging those around me to think I was in a bar room brawl instead of slipping on a banana (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). 
  • Hammies:  OMG why are you so tight?  I can't even bend over and touch my toes. 
  • Quads:  Sore.  Going to the bathroom has proven to be painful.  Why aren't I a guy?  Standing and peeing is so much easier.  
  • Calves/Achilles:  So, so, so, sore.  Like, I tried to shave my legs and the razor touching them made me flinch. 
  • Shins:  see calves
  • Lower back:  I finally figured out what made my back hurt and that was the 100 pushup challenge.  You see when you have a very fat belly weak core your lower back compensates.   I've taken a three week break from the challenge and my back still isn't better.  WHATEVER! 
  • Toes:  7/10 of my toes are deformed thanks to running.  Do you know that your toenails grow at a snail's pace?  Yeah well I do.  My feet shouldn't be seen by the free world.  
Well that should do it.  Everything inside me knows I need to get out there and move my legs to make them feel better.  I'd love to go for an elliptical session or go on a long walk, but I have a sick kiddo at home.  Jack has had a fever for the past 36 or so hours.  I hope it just resolves itself and does so quickly.  Blah! 

End Rant. 


Wymberley said...

I went to crossfit last night and again this morning. I didnt have a rotten fall but after the run, I feel 100 percent better than the hours after the race. Get out there lady, it gets better!

Kimbikes said...

The ER nurse in me says it is always worse 24-48 hours after the accident. Ice. Ice. Ice. Ibuprofen. Repeat.
I am always sore after a half and hobble around like a geriatric for a few days. I find the best recovery to be an easy spin on the bike- it just seems to stretch out my legs the best.
Hang in there. Focus on your new PR and ;)

G. said...

Poor Susan and Poor Jack - Hope you are better soon - both of you. You aren't having headaches are you? xoxo G.

Jenn Cox said...

You know what goes good with whine? WINE! A good wine always makes a better stew, so stew away! Sometimes we all just need to be mopey & pissy, it's ok to feel like this now, but just don't stay that way. :)

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