Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Couple of Days in the Life

It's hard keeping up with the Tirches, but Candace has been hanging in there.  Since her arrival on Thursday we've been on the typical eating tour that we do with all our out of town guest.  I've clearly put on 15 pounds in 2 days.   Here's what we've done.

Thursday:  Chuy's for dinner and then collapse in exhaustion only to be woken at 2 am with Candace's lost luggage arrival.  The guy got lost and "almost missed the place" which he exclaimed at the TOP of his lungs, at 2 am mind you (major sad face).


Breakfast at home.  What?  (Major sad face).

A short 3 miles run at the Brushy Creek Trail.

Lunch at Torchy's Tacos.

A little hula hoopin' (has to keep that girlish figure)

The Salt Lick (My camera ate my pictures).  Major sad face. The ones I've shown here are from a previous trip.

Rented Money Ball.  Candace fell asleep and George didn't love it.  Major sad face.   I, however, really enjoyed it.


Round Rock Donuts

7 mile run at Town Lake Trail

Lunch at Elevation Burger 

Home for a shower and SOMEONE (cough cough me cough cough) fell asleep 

Off to the Domain for a BREIF shopping experience and dinner. 

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen

We were going to go shopping again, but found out the local cupcake store closed at 7:00 pm so we got our priorities straight and headed to the cupcake shop.  Cupcakes > Shopping.  

Played a little Zingo Bingo

Now we're (ok I'm) in our jammies and we're (ok I'm) finding it hard to walk due to my over extended belly.

Tomorrow, normal eating resumes and Candace goes home (major sad face).


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