Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

New Year's Eve is typically pretty quiet around our house.   To be honest, George and I prefer to stay home.  It just doesn't seem safe to me to be out on NYE, but when Bianca asked us over I immediately wanted to go because she lives just a couple of miles away.  That had to be safe right?  So we got all dressed up and headed over for some NYE shenanigans.  

 I (ok we) make the cutest kids ever!  

I was a little worried that the kids wouldn't make it until midnight and the party didn't begin until 8:00pm (their bedtime), but they arrived in good spirits ready to party like it was 2012 (and all wound up just barely making it until 12:00).  

The kids aren't the only ones who can rock the party gear.  Bianca, Tracy, and I rocked the tiaras too.

I think Chrystal was embarrassed by us, but she did sport the necklace!

The littlest guest got their dance on most of the night keeping us all entertained.

Later in the evening Tracy thought it was time that us older guests danced too and she gave me a tutorial in how to do the "bird".  Um yeah, I'm 37 years old and wearing heels, this isn't going to go well.

Thank God she's there to catch me or I totally would have fallen (and most likely not been able to get up).

Tracy, on the other hand, makes the bird look good (as any 16 year old should).

Then Bianca had to get in there and show it really wasn't age holding me back, but my sheer ineptness.  Whatever!

With all the fun we were having, we hardly noticed that Midnight was fast approaching.  Soon we were all hovered around the TV watching the count down and sure enough the clock struck 12:00.

I'll drink to that.

Happy 2012!  May it bring you as much love and happiness as fills my life every day.  Once again, I overwhelmed with the feeling of friendship and love in my life in Texas.  My cup runeth over.

P.S.  I swear the men were there too (who do you think kept our glasses full?) but they must be camera shy.


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