Monday, January 23, 2012

I Have no Excuses, I just didn't do the Work

On Monday, November 21st I declared a training plan that would set me on my way to a half marathon personal record.  It went something like this.  

I'm going to focus on the three half marathons I'm planning to do over the next 12 weeks and work on getting myself a PR at one of the races (hopefully the 3M Half Marathon on January 29th).  So I'm running 5 days a week, cross training 1 day and having one rest day. 

Mondays:  Body Pump and Cross Train
Tuesdays:  Speed and Hills
Wednesday:  Body Pump and Run (short)
Thursdays:  Tempo Run
Fridays:  Pace Run
Saturdays:  Rest
Sunday:  Long Run 

Um yeah, about that... Since November 21st I have logged just 102 miles running.  That means,  for 10 weeks I've barely averaged 10 miles a week.  Ugh.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and my heel "injury" I just haven't put in the effort.   I have no excuses, I just didn't do the work.  

I haven't trained on one hill, and I haven't run longer than 7.85 miles since my last half on December 11th.  That's a HARSH reality.  Nevertheless, I have made the decision to run 3M on Sunday and do it to the best of my ability.  

It may not be my fastest half (Pittsburgh Half Marathon, May 2010:  2:09:20)

And hopefully it won't be my slowest (Decker Half Marathon, December 2010:  2:21:06):  

I'm just hoping to have fun (like I most ALWAYS do at races)

But don't worry I'm not taking it easy.  I plan on giving it everything I've got, I just have no idea what that will be come Sunday.  I guess we'll all find out together.  If you're up there running gods, please be on my side.  


Jill Ellingson said...

Sometimes PR's come when you least expect it. Go get it on Sunday and enjoy each mile.

Kortni said...

You never know...all that work at the gym my just pay off for you on Sunday. BELIEVE!!

robringer said...

here is a good luck high five from pgh!

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