Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm a Runner IX

Welcome to the 9th installment of the I'm a Runner Series.  Haven't read the others?  Find them all below. 

I'm a Runner 

Susan Tirch, Leader of the Household37 Texas

One of my favorite books I've read about running is The Long Run, by Matt Long.  You don't have to be into running to enjoy it either.  It's an incredibly raw story of survival and determination.  When I'm on a tough run, I often think of Matt's story and realize just how good I have it.  

I started running seriously in August of 2009.  I remember before then people talking about marathoning and me just not really even paying attention because it was just something so far outside of my realm of possibility.  You might as well have been talking about an adventure to the moon. 

My body hated me last year.  It felt like I would never be healthy.  As if breaking my shoulder and wrist wasn't enough then my body decided to send me some kidney stone.  Really body?  Really? 

Now, it's (my body) like do you remember what we went through last year?  LISTEN to me when I'm telling you something.  So I listen to every ache and pain and try to know the difference between what could be serious and what is just the product of getting old.  Ha! 

After we finished training for the marathon I've been left feeling a little out of sorts.  I kind of miss the training plan.  I miss waking up each morning knowing that I have to run 10 miles or accomplishing that seemingly impossible long run on Sundays.  

The day of the San Anotonio Marathon was so hot and humid.  I still can't believe that I took my shirt off and ran in my sports bra from mile 16 to about 25.  I am sooooooo happy no race photos were taken of me during those miles.  I cringed as I opened my race photos praying I hadn't be paparazzi'd as I'm sure I would have wound up on the "worst" list.  

I was hoping to finish better than I had at the Austin Marathon earlier this year, seeing as my training was MUCH MUCH better and I was healthy the whole time.  Sometimes I guess it's just not in the cards.  

My goal above anything else is to always have fun.  Running is so much more than just the physical act for me.  I love racing primarily because of the atmosphere and camaraderie that exists during these races.  

When I wake up the first thing I think about is my workout.  It's so odd to me as for so long this was not the case, but it never fails.  I wake up and I naturally just say to myself, "what's on the workout agenda for the day?"  

I listen to myself breathing sometimes and it makes me anxious, so I prefer to listen to music.  That way, I don't have to hear all the huffing and puffing. 

How you approach a run usually determines the outcome.  If I think I can, I can.  If I think I can't, then well I probably still can, but it's nowhere near as fun.  

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Kortni said...

I like reading all your Runner installments!

robringer said...

thats funny about your breathing...sometimes i find myself turning off my ipod and listening to myself breath..the rhythmic breath is hypnotizing to me sometimes...(i know, i'm odd)

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