Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mile Stones

Today I thought I'd talk about a Christmas present.  Yes I said Christmas.  I realize today is January 22nd (actually I didn't realize and had to go look it up) but I just received these Christmas gifts in the mail yesterday (well today actually, because I didn't get the mail yesterday).

If you're anything like me you had a lot of this lying around.

Some mean more to me than others, but my marathon bibs are very important to me.  It's not the bib per se, but the memory.  The blood, sweat and tears that went into the training and eventually the marathon.  I don't want to ever forget my marathons or the memories that were created running them.

Enter Mile Stones.  Mile Stones is a shop on Etsy that helps you preserve your marathon memories.  When I saw what Mile Stones could do I immediately fell in love.

They are able to turn your bib....

into coasters.

I mean seriously how cool is that?  Picture it.  You're sitting around the house with a few invited guests, sipping a glass of wine, and enjoying some appetizers.  Your said guest asks for a coaster as not to ruin your coffee table.  You fumble around searching, "I know I've got some somewhere,"  all the while thinking to yourself you don't care about that damn Ikea table.  "Oh here you go, just use these," and you turn to walk away.

"Wait, what is this?" your guest exclaims.  "Oh that?  That's just my bib from the time I ran 26.2 miles.  It's no big deal."  Ha!

It will also be a lot more impressive when used in these instances:

  • Make new friends that don't know you run 
  • Invite over ONLY people who are couch potatoes 
  • Talk about it incessantly to your kids' friends when they are teenagers
  • Save them until you're 90

No matter the situation, I thought they were pretty cool and thats why I bought them for Bianca and Julie for Christmas.  Sorry ladies that they are just now arriving.  I hope it was worth the wait.  Now invite over a friend and impress them with your badassness.

P.S.  No bibs were harmed in the making of these coasters.  You can request your original bib be returned or you can send in a laser copy of the bib if that makes you more comfortable.  I sent the original bibs and they came back in the same condition in which they were sent out.  

I should also mention it wasn't Mile Stones' fault that the coaster were received late.  I missed the Christmas cutoff date by 3 days.  Boo for me, but I was able to wrap up a picture of the coasters to give Julie and Bianca and let them know what would be coming.  

What do you think cool or not cool?  


Steelerfan said...

So cool. More fuel to get me to go the extra 13.1. Lol

Anonymous said...

Very cool - not so cool the gifts were so late......oh don't worry, this couch potato will be there to use yours soon. G.

JulietteHarmon said...

I LOVE THEM! But why am I seeing them on your BLOG first?? BTW, I literally crying. When I saw my bib, it brought back that day and everything I went through to get to that finish line..sniff, sniff. I love them..I think. LOL! I haven't SEEN them yet!

Kelly D Chance said...

That is really cool. I know I don't have bibs to make into coasters but still awesome

Amanda Gray Mills said...

AWESOME! I saw these on Etsy before Christmas. Genius idea! These, a display for my medals and a t-shirt quilt are on my wish list!

Cara said...

VERY cool! I want some, even if it was only a half marathon for me. Maybe I should start taping some Valentine hints to the mirrors or fridge. : )

Kortni said...

Very cool!

Momswimbikerun said...

Definitely. Hints are ALWAYS good.

Momswimbikerun said...

I need all those too (I didn't get coasters for myself).

Courtney said...

I like them!!Also love how they save the bibs and send them back:) Just bagged up all my race tees for my Mom to make me a tee shirt quilt. I can lay under it and bask in my awesomeness:))

robringer said...

definitely unique! do they make a coaster that holds your missing toe nails? that would be bomb.

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