Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Thing Thursday

Three thing Thursday (hopefully I can come up with three):

1.  Once upon a time a long, long time ago, I was a new pharmacist.  I was cranky most days (hated my job) and worked 12 hour days, which didn't help things.  The only good thing about my job was a few nice customers AND 2 of my technicians.  One of which I personally hired (my first hire) and her name was (is) Candace.  Get this, she's coming all the way to Texas from the great state of Pennsylvania to visit little old moi! *Swoon*

Candi wearing the tutu she made for the jingle bell run, inspired by this post.  

2.  Remember my 12 days of giveaways (i.e. really my Christmas wish list)?  Well, I got most everything on it (what I didn't have already anyway) EXCEPT the Miss Me jeans.  George, you're not a smart man, you could have saved yourself some $$$$ just buying them for Christmas because I got them anyway.   Yay me! *Swoon*

3.  While Candi is here I plan we plan to go on an eating tour of Texas.  She really only had one request when she said she was coming and that was for me to take her to some great places to eat, some of which she has seen featured on various "foodie" channels.  Candi, do you know my love for food?  I think I can accommodate your request.  *Swoon*


G. said...

Have fun - I KNOW you will. xoxo G.

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