Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Nicholas

I'll paint the picture for you.  It was 9:30... hmmm maybe it was 10:30 and I was still in my jammies.  All the sudden Ella starts screaming at the top of her lungs, "what day is today?"  She runs to check her iPod and then comes back shouting, "It's Nicholas' half birthday."

We've never celebrated half birthdays before, so I'm not quite sure why the kids have been discussing their half birthdays so much.  Nevertheless, today is Nicholas' half birthday and Ella wanted to celebrate by making a cake.

I figured getting up to make a cake would at least get me up and doing something.  I had just about 2 hours before Nicholas got home to throw together a surprise 1/2 birthday party.

Ella and Jack really wanted to be involved in the cake making process and they pretty much did everything themselves.  I just told them what to do.  This included cracking eggs and only 1 (of 3) wound up on the floor.  I consider that success.

I taught my babies how to grease the pan.  It seems like a rite of passage.  Ella was pretty awesome at the flouring part.  I was impressed.

Do you like their outfits?  Clearly this was a "dress yourself" kind of day.  You can't see it, but Jack has on green sweatpants.

Anyway, the cake turned out great, but by the time it was out of the oven and cooled (actually only partially cooled) I had about 10 minutes to ice it before Nicholas arrived.  I cut the cake in half and made a double layer to make the "half" cake.  I iced is sloppily and added some decorations.  It turned out lopsided, but in the grand scheme of things I thought we did a great job.  Nicholas' surprise was ready.

I set up this lovely display on the hall table so that when he walked in the door he'd be surprised.  Then I walked away for a moment to tidy up the kitchen.  When I came back, I found this.

I guess a lopsided cake isn't a good idea after all.  It must have slid right off the cake plate and all our hard work was now on the floor.

No worries, I picked up the pieces that weren't touching the floor and threw it back together.  There would STILL be cake.  I'm just disappointed Nicholas never got to see it when it was pretty not as ugly.  Oh well, it still TASTED good.

Happy half birthday Nicholas, may all your wishes come true.   We tried!  


Anonymous said...

Love it! G.

robringer said...

OH MAN floor cake is my favorite! hope being a half year older makes you appreciate the little things nicholas!

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