Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Dig You Valentine

I've been calling myself not competitive for quite some time.  In fact, I've even written a post on not being competitive, but today (after 37 plus years of life) I realized I AM competitive.  Here's why I thought I lacked that killer instinct.  I really don't care if I'm playing a board game and I lose, if we've got a game of backyard baseball going on, I'm probably just having fun, and I've never stabbed anyone during a game of spoons (yes this HAS happened in my family).  The point is, when it comes to game play, I guess I just don't really care whether I win or lose.

What I realized today is that I can't continue to disguise my competitiveness by calling it a different name.  And why should I disguise it?  The truth is.... I must be the best at everything I do and I want to be better than the next guy.  Is that so horrible really?

Now having said that, I realize I'm not the fastest runner, I'll never win my age group in a race and no one is inviting me to the olympic games.  I accept my average self when it comes to my physical abilities, but I make up for it in other areas.

For instance, my kids WILL have the best home made valentines.   See my favorite Valentine EVER here.

I Dig You Valentine

The idea for this valentine came from Pinterest (where else) and all the "how to" is in this blog post from the Fry Family Blog.  Here is my take on this cute Valentine.

First gather your supplies.

  • Treat bags.  I used clear because I had them but Valentine's one would be too cute
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon 
  • 2 inch punch (optional) 
  • Hole punch 
  • Mini Shovels
  • M&Ms
  • Tags (print here

Punch "I dig you tags" with 2 inch punch (or just cut out circle) and have your child address the labels.  Ella added each child's name to the bottom and wrote her name on the back.

Add shovel to your bag and then add a few scoops of M&Ms.

Put a hole punch in the top of your label, thread ribbon through the hole,. and secure bag closed with ribbon.

Ok, ok maybe these are not the best Valentine's ever, but if you say otherwise I might stab you with a spoon.


Jillellingson said...

They are the best. Pinterest has some great ideas...I love it. Very cute.

Wymberley said...

Those are way better than the $1 box of barbie cards Im making my kids share...

Anonymous said...

Awesome and even better the kids put them together! G.

D. said...

Too cute!

Courtney said...

CUTE!!!! Love this idea! You hafta look up's on my blog list. LOVE her "happy mail"...reminds me a lot of this!

robringer said...

you are competitive! but you know your limits. Noah wants to know if you will be his valentine?

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