Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the Shadow

When you have multiple kids, it is hard not to compare them to one another.  I try very hard to remember that each of my children are individuals and not one will be like the other.  However, there are going to naturally be some comparisons.  Additionally, when you have Nicholas as a sibling, you're probably going to be living up to some HUGE expectations.  Nicholas is annoyingly good at most everything he does.  Ok fine, so he can't hula hoop (like at all) and his singing makes glass shatter, but I think you know what I mean.  He's an excellent student, a natural athlete, polite, well-rounded young man, if I do say so myself.

While Nicholas is very regimented and particular, Ella is more of a carefree kind of girl.  I always refer to her as "fa la la la la" because she seems to have her head in the clouds a lot of the time.  Then every once in awhile she'll say something and I'll be like, "damn she is paying attention."  While I always look for Nicholas to be the best at everything he does, I don't exactly expect it out of Ella, but lately I've been asking myself why.

Why don't I demand more from Ella?  Am I short changing her?  I guess I was so preoccupied with NOT comparing her to her brother that I put less expectations on my little girl.

I was afraid to want too much for her because I never wanted to be disappointed.  I know that sounds horrible, but in my defense I just wanted Ella to be Ella and didn't want her to be in Nicholas' shadow.  Well, as it turns out she not living in Nicholas' shadow at all.  

This girl is thriving.  She's so well behaved, she's polite and kind and has a LOT of friends.  She's a little social butterfly and everyone seems to love Ella (adults and children alike).

She's a beautiful dancer....

... an awesome soccer player (hello 7 goals today)...

....and most recently has become one of the newest members of the QUEST (gifted) program at her school.

I'm sorry Ella for not realizing that you could be your own person and be just as great as your brother, but just in a different way.  I promise to never short change you, to always push you to your fullest potential and remember to love you just for who you are-- and that's a pretty incredible young lady.

And then there's Jack.... don't even get me started.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww Jack E Bear!!

JulietteHarmon said...

Great blog!

Zsa Zsa said...

My seven-year-old is very creative and my 12-year-old is very athletic. It's always heartwarming to see them pursue their passions.

robringer said...

congrats ella!

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