Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Run Fast with Less Lard

If you recall back in November I made a proclamation that I was setting out to get a half marathon personal record (PR).  I made a training plan and set out with the best of intentions.  Then, life happened.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I had a really hard time getting in workouts and did NOT do the work I needed to get a PR.

Despite that being true, I actually did set a PR at the 3M half marathon at the end of January.

I finished just 40 seconds faster than my previous PR on a fast, downhill course.  I know my PR was due mostly to the generosity of this course.  Therefore, I just can't help but wonder what could happen if I actually DID do the training to get better, stronger and faster.  

And thus operation get Susan a PR begins AGAIN and I think I have a lot better chance of succeeding this time.  Basically the plan is pretty much the same, but I'll lay it all out for you again. 

Monday:  Body Pump and 3 miles
Tuesday:  Hills/speed
Wednesday:  Body Pump and 3 miles 
Thursday:  Core and more and tempo run 
Friday:  Cycle
Saturday:  Off
Sunday:  Long run 

You can see my specific training plan here.  I have 10 weeks until I'll be running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  My previous time on this course is 2:09, but I'm hoping I can do it faster than any race I've done before and finish in less than 2:08.   It's not going to be easy because this is a hillier course and when I ran it last time I weighed about 10 lbs less.  

I'll be running with my friend Tracey who can typically run a 1:55ish half marathon.  I hope she'll help push me to my new personal best.  I can't expect Tracey to do all the work for me, so I'll have to put in the effort here with my training.  I hope Tracey's up for a lot of huffing and puffing and possibly some swearing.

So there you have it.  Operation lose some weight so I don't have as much lard to haul around and get a new PR have begun.  Wish me luck.


Kortni said...

You are hilarious! Good luck!!

Demanda Pants said...

You're gonna kill it!

p.s. if you do any pre-race dinner on Saturday let me know! I've got nothing planned as of yet.

tracey smith said...

I'm up for anything. You let me know how you feel. I would love to help you get a PR.

robringer said...

the more i lose the faster I get!

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