Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Thing Thursday: Running for Sherry

1.  Face update.  I can't believe how fast my face is healing.  I've been applying antibiotic ointment three times a day and I think it's really helping.  If you look at my chin and my nose, you'd never even know this happened.  My eye is looking INCREDIBLY better too.  Look how far I've come.


I even applied make up today.

2.  This officially happened today.

I've been wavering, trying to decide if I should register or not.  It's been on my list of races, but when I started suffering from my heel/ankle pain I decided to hold off on registering until I determined whether or not I'd be healthy.  Despite thinking I'll be healthy the day of the race, I was still unsure whether I should run or not.  I know it won't be my fastest race and it's a challenging course, so I just wasn't feeling it.  Today I decided I'd never regret doing it, but I might regret NOT doing it so I bit the bullet and registered.  Now, of course, I'm excited and will most likely be running with this girl. Yay for blog friends!

3.  Last but certainly NOT least.  On January 7th, Shut up and Run, cousin Sherry went out for a morning run like many of us do.  When Sherry did not come home later that morning her family started a desperate search for Sherry.  For several days there was no site of Sherry, except for a lone shoe found where Sherry usually ran.  On the seventh day the FBI received a tip that led to the arrest of two men.  One of the men eventually confessed to murdering Sherry, but her body has not yet been found.

A planned virtual run is being held for Sherry and will be held on February 11th at 9 am (MST).  It doesn't cost anything to run.  You just print out your bib, and run in Sherry's honor.  You can click HERE to print your bib.  You can read about it on Shut up and Run's page, but I've copied the information for you to read.

The virtual run will be on Saturday, February 11 at 9 a.m. MST.
  • Mark your calendars
  • Print out a running bib and pin it to your shirt
  • Gather your friends, your running club members, your families
  • If it’s wet where you are, “laminate” your bib with postage tape and punch holes in it
  • If that time doesn’t work, go when you can
  • GO. Run as far and as long as you want. Walk, hike, cycle, rollerblade if you don’t want to or can’t run.
  • Please share this on your blogs, Facebooks and Twitters
  • Keep it simple. Just run with Sherry on your minds and hearts. 

I hope you'll find time to join in the virtual run, and include Sherry and her family in your prayers.  I'm going to do my part to get a group of girls together to do this, for all of us mother runners out there.  This could have been ANY one of us.


Fancy Nancy said...

Your face is really healing quickly!! Good for you for registering! You'll rock that half!!

Anonymous said...

You do look better. It,s terrible about Sherry, but learn the not be a creature of habit when you run.....I keep telling you this....also glad you registered. G.

Jenn Cox said...

Maybe we'll see you out at Livestrong, Amanda Mills and I will be running as well!

Momswimbikerun said...

We should meet up!

Jenn Cox said...

That sounds like a plan! As we get a bit closer, we'll finalize a mtg spot!

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