Wednesday, March 21, 2012

128 or Bust

The Pittsburgh Half Marathon is coming up so soon (6 weeks).  I had a commitment to myself to get faster and lose weight.  Hmmmm I haven't really done either of those things YET, but today I took control of my eating.  

You see that little red number my little friends.  That's right!  128 pounds in 5 weeks (a girl can dream).  The last time I ran the Pittsburgh half marathon I weighed 129 pounds.  Do you think it's odd that I remember my weight at monumental times in my life?  Ask me any major event and I can tell you my weight?  Just me?  That's weird.

Anyway, here's what 129 pounds of ass kicking looks like.

And this is how I'm going to get there.

I CAN do this because I can do anything I set me mind to!  Ok I know I most likely won't weigh 128 when I run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 6th, but every pound I lose makes me that much faster.  So I'll take every pound lost I can get.  

Here Goes!  


Kortni said...

Wow...I would be starving and mostly for something sweet. You must have amazing willpower! Go girl!!

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