Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be Gone Germs

Hello blog friends and real life friends.  Aren't you really one and the same?  I think so!  I haven't updated you on the sickness in the fam, but don't you worry it's still running rampant.  I wound up going back to the minute clinic on Sunday to have the doctor listen to my lungs.  She wound up giving me another antibiotic for bronchitis.  Apparently I really drew the short stick and got bronchitis ON TOP of strep throat.  I spent all of Sunday and Monday trying not to pee my pants while coughing.  It's the joy (or at least mine) I get after having three kids.

Today is the first day I feel somewhat back to the land of the living, but.... there's always a but.... but last night Nicholas started throwing up at 10 pm with a nasty stomach virus.  This is our second round (Ella had it last week) so when he started moaning upstairs, I kind of suspected I'd be going up to a vomit bed.  Luckily he made it to the toilet.  I tell you that was my only saving grace that kept me from going over the edge.

And to all those people out there that told me to clean my house and wash my hands.  Really? I was supposed to be doing that all along or is that something I should pick up now?  Ha I kid, I kid.  I have scoured every inch of every bleach washable surface (and I cleaned my mirrors so I can admire myself) with Soft Scrub with bleach.

Be gone germs, we are finished with you here and we (and by we I mean me) could use a good run.


Andrea Morton said...

Sheesh - over achiever! Strep AND Bronchitis, wow. Here's to feeling MUCH better soon.

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