Saturday, March 10, 2012

Country Girl

Yesterday was Ella's Kindergarten rodeo.  It's the big event of the school year and it is usually a pretty big deal.  It just stinks that it was a torrential downpour all day and the rodeo had to moved indoors. 

Nevertheless, there was horseback riding.

country line dancing (and singing),

"barrel" races,

big boot races, 

cow patty tossing,

wheel barrow races, 

square dancing, 

and finally the bucking broncos.  

Even though mother nature decided to rain on our parade rodeo,  a good time was had with good friends.  Who needs sunshine when you've got girls like these to brighten your day?

Yee haw, that's all folks.  


G. said...

How great was that!!!! xoxoxo G.

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