Sunday, March 18, 2012

Donuts, Longhorns, Patty's, Birthday and Bess

I'm a day behind in my blogging and you'll just have to deal with it.  K?  K!

So yesterday was St. Patrick's day and that also brings about Miss Ella's half birthday.  A VERY exciting day around the Tirch household.  What?  We don't get out much.

Here's all the fun we had yesterday.

Round Rock Donuts (There may have been TWO dozen donuts eaten.  Maybe.) 

 Ready to Eat 
Best Donut She Ever Ate 

Spotted some Longhorns VERY close to the road:

 So Close 
Hook 'em 

St. Patrick' Day Photo Shoot:

 Lucky to Have these Kiddos 
 Lucky that they Love me 
 Happy St. Patrick's Day
From the Tirch Kids 

Ella's Happy Half Birthday Celebration:

 Blarney Stone Cookie Cake 

 6 and 1/2 Years Young 

 Make a Wish

 Didn't Get Them All

 Try Again 

 Whoops Still Didn't Get 'em 

 Try Again

There You Go!!!

Adult night at Bess Bistro:

 Jennifer and Steve
 George and I with no flash 
Dreaming of Dessert 

We packed a LOT into our Saturday, but had a fun spending time together.  

Today was the last day of Spring Break.  Back to the real world tomorrow.  


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